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Car Acura ZDX

Car Acura ZDX 1

Acura ZDX

Car Acura ZDX 2

The Acura ZDX was introduced at car dealerships back in 2009. This model organically combines the features of an SUV and a compartment sedan. After two years, the car has undergone some updates in appearance and in the cabin.

At the moment, the ZDX has a very original body shape with a drop-down roof, extended rear sides and rear door handles, which are very neatly hidden and invisible.

The front of the SUV noticeably refreshed – the radiator grill has become more restrained, the headlights resemble the eyes of a fallow deer, the bumper is endowed with some smooth bulges. Rear-view mirrors are new in design and new improvements in terms of electronics. The taillights have a finished look, and in the end, the wheels are decorated with updated alloy wheels in twenty inches.

Salon Acura ZDX has not changed, except that the front dashboard has acquired some updates, or rather a fresh finish. All basic models now come only with a leather interior, a two-phase climate control, electric drive, heated and ventilated front row seats. A big plus in the equipment is a powerful audio system, an eight-inch display and a rear view camera. Also, some models, at the individual request of the client, can be equipped with cruise control, which includes a deceleration system in automatic mode and lane compliance.

If you look under the hood of the ZDX, then there you can see the engine with a V – shaped six, with a volume of 3, 7 liters and a capacity of 300 liters. from. The SUV is equipped with a six-speed gearbox plus torque that is transmitted on both axles.

For safety reasons, manufacturers have equipped the ZDX with additional cushions and belts. Now there are only seven pillows, and belts on each row of seats. The level of sound insulation meets all standards, although at high speeds the noise behind the glass is audible. The trunk is quite roomy and designed for a large number of things.

The car picks up speed up to one hundred kilometers in nine and a half seconds, fuel consumption in the city is 14, 7 liters per 100 km, and along the highway – 10, 2 liters per 100 km.

Acura ZDX has only the best safety and operating recommendations. This is once again demonstrated by high sales figures, both in the domestic market and outside our country.


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