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Car Audi A8 L Security

Car Audi A8 L Security 1

Audi A8 L Security – for those who value safety!

Car Audi A8 L Security 2

At the moment when everyone is preparing some innovative solutions in terms of engine performance, Audi went completely different way. They presented not the fastest or most powerful car in the class, they just made it the safest civilian car in the world. And all this on the basis of the flagship – Audi A8. Despite the fact that the novelty will be equipped with a number of options, and the materials used are polar different, compared to those that were before, the G8 has not lost its charm, its elegance. So far, not all the subtleties of the car have been revealed, because the public should be surprised at the performance itself. Well, the most interesting information that is currently available, you need to parse right now.

In this impenetrable car, you will be able to see two different engines. A powerful 4.0 liter engine with two turbines gives you the opportunity to enjoy 435 forces that look even more impressive if you specify a torque of 600 Nm. But the aspirator also falls into the list of offers, our old one is the good W12, capable of developing 500 horses. Its arsenal includes an even greater moment – 625 Nm, but all this fades slightly, because the developers were forced to lower the bar to a maximum of 210 km / h. All this is explained by the fact that special tires will be used here. In any case, the dynamics of acceleration of questions will not be accurate, because the creators promise that their protective materials will not only be stronger, which is very important, but also easier.

Much more is known about how the Germans made their flagship so secure. The first thing that makes a car better is aramid fabric. Further, special aluminum alloys are used, as well as steel, which was created using a special process – hot forming. Of course, that could not do without glasses, which will be much stronger than standard ones. Of the active systems responsible for security, it’s worth highlighting a special feature that unlocks locks in an emergency. There is also a special connection, as an option you can even make an emergency exit, but the most powerful function is a fire extinguishing system. If it turns out that the car is in the most adverse situations, you can even supply fresh air to the cabin, because it is not for nothing that such a development is called the safest in the world. Be that as it may, and before the eyes of visitors there will be a chic sedan, which in reality can now be much more than each of the competitors.


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