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Car Audi SQ5 TDI Plus

Car Audi SQ5 TDI Plus 1

Audi SQ5 TDI Plus – expanding the range of S-ok

Car Audi SQ5 TDI Plus 2

Recently, Audi has begun to supplement existing models with modifications with the prefix “Plus”. Their whole essence lies in the fact that the manufacturer will improve their engines, bringing to the desired condition even initially not the most sporting solutions. So the SQ5 will now become more powerful, and by October this car can be seen in the salons, so this presentation is very relevant now. Despite the fact that the above model is an SUV, based on ground clearance indicators, we have before us an explicit vehicle for roads and the city, possibly the lightest off-road in the form of a dirt road after light rain. And all the same, since no one plans to drive in the mud when buying a car for 68 thousand euros, such people just don’t even think about it.

As it’s not difficult to guess, it is the diesel engine that is hiding under the hood. It is not so simple, because it has a turbine, due to which, as well as a new setting, it now issues 340 horses. It is quite obvious that with increasing power the torque also rises, in this modest car, it was raised to the level of 700 Nm, which is generally unbelievable, as for a regular, average crossover. Given that it will almost always be driven on asphalt terrain, this unit will prove to be very cool, even at a level with very decent sports cars. The fact is that the acceleration here is very peppy – 5.1 seconds, and even better, really better, is a limited maximum of 250 km / h. Why is it good? And because it will be achieved faster, because such a figure is not the full maximum for the engine, which means that the set of speed will occur vividly, without sighs and grunts. Among other things, this manufacturer has always managed to please buyers with a reasonable expense. And here, despite the good dynamic data, on average, you can count on 6.6 liters.

There are those to whom the available equipment will be few. It does not matter, because the creators have already foreseen everything by creating a special package with equipment, which, oddly enough, will cost another 12 thousand euros. Nevertheless, no matter how much it all requires no cost, it is worth noting that the SQ5TDI Plus is very good-looking, and even on the road it shows itself perfectly. In any case, even the most modest improvements will be well received by the most ardent fans of the company, which is why they should continue.


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