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Car batteries

Car batteries 1

We will talk about ‘ordinary’ acid batteries, i.e. rectangular boxes priced up to about 5 thousand rubles.

1. The capacity of a typical battery is 45-65 ampere hours

The starter current is approximately 180 amperes, i.e., theoretically, a serviceable battery can turn the engine about 15-20 minutes, in reality this does not happen and is not required, a serviceable engine starts in a few seconds, the remaining battery capacity is spent on to feed consumers in the parking lot, compensate for 2-3-fold loss of capacity in the cold, compensate for the aging of the battery, etc..

A working battery can power the signaling device (10 ma) for about half a year, the interior light (5 W, 0.5 A) for about 100 hours. Parking lights for about 25 hours. And only forgotten headlights or a powerful audio system really quickly plant even a serviceable battery.

2. Batteries do not last forever, usually 2-3 years.

During this time, the battery gradually loses capacity, this manifests itself, as a rule, during winter start-up or after a long parking of a car. In daily summer operation, loss of capacity is not visible.

3. If the battery is ‘planted’ to zero, then it loses its capacity several times forever, it cannot be restored, each next landing quickly finishes the battery.

T.O. if your battery is not young, if it landed to zero, for example, after parking for several days you could not start the engine, you forgot to turn off the lights and after work could not turn on, “reached the city” with a faulty generator, etc., then your battery MUST let you down in the winter cold.

And that would not get up twice about leaving and charging.

1. If plugs or an easily removable lid are visible on the battery cover, then about once every half a year, distilled water should be added to it, water is added to the lower edge of the ‘wells’ under the cover. Water is bought at car dealerships. Keep in mind that there may be drops of caustic acid on the lids below. Use gloves, wash those places on which covers were laid. No other maintenance is required for a modern battery.

2. Of course, the easiest way is to buy a charger, but if you are often outside of civilization, then put a diode in the glove compartment, then you can assemble a charger from improvised material, for example, a desk lamp or an electric stove to charge the battery from an outlet.

Car batteries 2

In this circuit, the part that is connected to the plus with the diode and lamp. An icon indicating which direction the current is going is drawn on the diode case.

The acid battery is charged by current. Standard charging mode – current is equal to capacity divided by 10.

If you turn on the 100 watt bulb. then the average current in this circuit will be approximately 0.25 A. the theoretical charging time will be 220 hours, but usually it is not required, and you can dial the capacity for winding in the summer in 10-20 hours, because this option is practically safe from the point of boiling.

You can speed up charging by including in the circuit a more powerful object, for example, a kilowatt electric stove, then charging will accelerate by about 10 times. The iron does not fit well, as it periodically turns off. The boiler is suitable, but it is imperative to lower it into a very large container with water, for example, in a bucket so that the water does not boil.

The plugs must be opened during charging, otherwise the battery may boil and explode. Be careful with fire, hydrogen is released when charging, the house, of course, will not explode, but the battery may be damaged during a flash.


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