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Car BMW Gran Turismo

Car BMW Gran Turismo 1

BMW Gran Turismo

Car BMW Gran Turismo 2

When developing the BMW Gran Turismo BMW, BMW specialists sought to obtain a vehicle that combines the quality characteristics of several automotive segments at once. As a result, Gran Turismo received a luxurious saloon saloon with the possibility of transformation similar to that of wagons. Chris Bengla, who is famous for being able to give cars a very extraordinary appearance, was engaged in the design of the car. The Gran Turismo body has a dynamic silhouette, in the back there are branded racks with a reverse kink, the doors have a frameless design. Let’s consider what other advantages the specified car has.

Interior design

The interior of the car in question is distinguished by the presence of expensive finishes, extensive free space, and high comfort. Due to the significant amount of side glazing, panoramic roof, the interior space visually expands even more. Already in the basic configuration, the car seats are lined with Dakota leather, the interior is decorated with soft plastic, brushed aluminum inserts. Armchairs have a high landing, which in combination with wide doorways simplifies the process of landing and disembarkation.

Depending on the optional equipment, the salon can be transformed in a variety of options. For example, in the basic version, the rear sofa shifts ten centimeters forward and due to this, the volume of the luggage compartment will increase from 440 to 590 liters. Moreover, in the rear seats there will be plenty of room for a comfortable fit.

Technical, optional equipment

All power units that are installed on the Gran Turismo are equipped with a turbocharger and a high-precision fuel injection system. This leads to the fact that the engines at relatively low fuel consumption develop the maximum possible power. So, in the top version on Gran Turismo, a 4.4-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 404 liters is installed. from. This motor provides the car acceleration to hundreds in 5.5 seconds with eleven liters of fuel consumption in the city.

In the basic configuration, the car is equipped with a 3-liter engine with a capacity of 306 liters. from. This engine accelerates the car to hundreds in 9.6 seconds. Those who prefer cars with diesel engines should buy a BMW Gran Turismo with a 245-liter turbocharged diesel engine. from. This power unit is notable for the fact that its cylinder block is made of aluminum alloy. A diesel engine can accelerate a car to hundreds in seven seconds at six liters of fuel consumption. All engines are paired with a ZF hydromechanical automatic transmission.

Gran Turismo is equipped with a large number of options, of which a complex of safety features should be noted, including passive and active electronic protection systems for the body and passengers. As additional options, the car is equipped with a panoramic roof, cruise control, night vision system and other useful devices.


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