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Car BMW M5 E60

Car BMW M5 E60 1

Car BMW M5 E60

BMW M5 E60

All BMW fans, without exception, know this model because it is historical. This car was admired by the entire automotive community until the advent of the BMW M6 Competition Edition. In 2005, all the best engineers gathered at the factory where the M-series machines are manufactured and created this creation. All the technologies used in this car were innovative at that time. Then BMW did not spare money on either materials or development. Their goal was to overtake their competitors from Audi and Mercedes-Benz. I must admit that they did it very well. Let’s look at this car in more detail..

BMW M5 (E60) was made on the basis of the usual BMW 5er (E60). In appearance, compared with the usual 5-koy, no special changes have been made. However, then branded M-body kits and M-tuning were invented. The inscription M is attached almost everywhere, where possible, which is a little annoying. Beautiful headlights with innovative optics have become the decoration of this car. 18-inch alloy wheels give the car a very elegant look, and an exhaust with a 2×2 formula makes it very sporty and aggressive.

The engine and its tuning deserve special attention in this car. The BMW M5 (E60) is equipped with a 5-liter engine, which develops 507 horsepower and a 7-speed automatic with the ability to control shift paddles. In 2005, for BMW, this engine was a winner. This power unit took first place in its category at all possible contests and exhibitions. The engine is able to accelerate the car to 100 km / h in 4.7 seconds. This is a very good result. The only disadvantage of this “monster” is its weight. Because of this, the car cannot be used in the racetrack, which greatly upsets BMW fans.

Inside, the BMW M5 (E60) is very comfortable and cozy. You can immediately see that BMW did not spare money on materials: mahogany trim, Alcantara ceiling trim, expensive leather – do not give the feeling of a sports car, but provide unrivaled comfort inside. The steering wheel is very ergonomic and fits well in the hand. The fine-tuning of the steering is visible: the car turns very easily and does not scour the road. There was also a branded gear knob M-series, which is now put on new cars of the M series.

What can I do with the BMW M5 (E60)

If you are a fan of extreme driving, then this car is for you. Engine power is enough to drift and perform various elements of the so-called stant-driving. The excellent interaction of the gearbox and the engine, as well as the perfect suspension setup, allows this machine to perfectly “hold the corner”.

The car is quite expensive. In 2005, it cost 6 million rubles. In addition, the clutch and flywheel change every 20-30 thousand kilometers, and the price of this pleasure is quite high – 120 thousand rubles. However, for a true connoisseur of BMW, money is not a problem, especially for such a car no money is a pity. By developing this car, BWM entered their name in gold letters in golden letters.


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