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Car BMW X3

Car BMW X3 1


Car BMW X3 2

At the end of last year, BMW presented a wide range of motorists with an upgraded version of the BMW X3. In this model, electronic equipment has been improved, optional equipment has expanded significantly, the interior has become more modern and attractive. When examining the body of the updated version of the X3, an unusual appearance of the head optics immediately catches your eye. It is narrowed and stretched so that it extends from the front wings to the bumper grille. This design looks very unusual and attractive. It feels like the car is much wider.

Interior decoration, optional equipment

In the updated version of the BMW X3, the interior did not undergo drastic changes. The interior of the car, as before, gets off with high-quality, expensive materials. When choosing a car, you can choose the interior color from a fairly large number of options.

The central console attracts attention with the presence of a modern information system that is capable of recognizing handwritten data input. Coasters appeared on the central tunnel, the steering wheel is sheathed in leather already in the basic equipment. Please note that the BMW X3 can be equipped with a projection display, the Stop I Go system, which will independently stop the car in front of the obstacle and again give the engine a command to start moving when the obstacle disappears. This option is sure to come in handy if you get into a traffic jam. In addition, the car can be equipped with cameras that are installed on all sides of the body image, they can be displayed in turn or simultaneously on the monitor information display.

The car in question is delivered to our country with three powertrain options – two gasoline and one diesel. All motors are provided with start-stop, recovery systems, turbines and are brought to the Euro-6 eco standards. Paired with the indicated motors, an 8-speed automatic transmission, or manual gearbox, operates.

If you decide to buy a BMW X3, then you should give preference to a car with a diesel engine. It is capable of delivering a capacity of 190 liters. sec., accelerates a car to hundreds in eight seconds at five liters of fuel consumption.


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