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Car BMW X6 F16

Car BMW X6 F16 1

BMW X6 F16

Car BMW X6 F16 2

In 2014, the BMW X6 F16, the second generation of this model, was born.

Compared to previous models, it looks more modern, larger and more powerful. But, despite the fact that the car has quite impressive technical characteristics, it has a very economical fuel consumption.

This car was presented at the Moscow Motor Show (2014).

Compared to previous models, the wheelbase of the car has not changed much, but the same cannot be said about the car body, which has become three centimeters longer and six centimeters wide. The standard equipment of the car includes its rigging with bi-xenon optics and nineteen inch alloy wheels.

The car is equipped with a sports eight-speed gearbox, which has a steering shift function. Also, the car has a climate control system (two zone), a rear window with automatic dimming and a tailgate electric.

The car has a modern navigation and multimedia system, a night vision system and a circular view, an active parking assistance system, a system that helps with traffic jams.

As an engine for a car, either a 4.4 liter power unit of the latest generation with a capacity of four hundred and fifty hp is offered, and for diesel versions a three-liter engine with a capacity of either two hundred sixty or three hundred and eighty liters is offered. from..

Engineers finalized the propeller shaft of the car, so it will practically not fail, and, for example, in Moscow, because of this, you will not need to use the services to repair it.

Acceleration of a car to one hundred kilometers takes place in less than 5 seconds, which you can’t immediately believe, given the weight of the body. Fuel consumption reduced by as much as twenty-two percent.

Thus, it is safe to say that this car is rightfully in the lead in its class. Once again, its main advantages are rather economical fuel consumption, a system that helps to move in traffic jams, a modern navigation and multimedia system, as well as many other innovations that are designed to provide a comfortable and cozy trip for both the driver and passengers of the car.

We are sure that potential buyers will not be disappointed in their choice..


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