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Car Brabus 850 6

Car Brabus 850 6 1

Brabus 850 6.0 Biturbo Widestar – Top Level!

Car Brabus 850 6 2

Despite the fact that the Mercedes-Benz company itself is quite successfully updating the line of the so-called Geliks, Brabus also introduces its corrections and additions to this segment, showing frankly the best products. A new stage in the development of just the legendary SUV was the presentation of Biturbo Widestar, a car that has crazy potential. While the developers were not in a hurry to designate the new high-speed data, some conclusions can already be drawn independently, since the same company, last year, created a slightly less powerful copy. One can only guess how much more will be thrown on the price tag of thousands of dollars for the fact that the filling is deeply revised here, as well as work has been done on the external component.

The main reason for the pride that the creators of the model definitely feel is the very highly modernized 5.5 liter unit. Yes, there are still two turbines in it, although they have been replaced with new ones, but the pistons, shaft, manifolds and much more have been reinstalled here in order to increase productivity. So it turns out that now there will be 850 on the roads – a strong option that gives out, perhaps even extra torque – 1450 Nm. As mentioned above, no data were given on the dynamics, but it is clear that with an increase of 50 horses the acceleration of 4.2 seconds will be interrupted, perhaps even the maximum limit of 250 km / h will be raised, although this is not particularly interesting for end customers . Given the achievements of almost an acceleration mark of 4 seconds, it can be expected that this car will most likely soon be safely attributed not only to “image” devices, but also to the most athletic ones, since it has very few competitors.

As in the engine, there are also a lot of changes in appearance. First of all, the silhouette of the novelty was changed due to the expansion of the arches above the wheels – they really stand out. The front part of the body was equipped with a spoiler, and a ventilation system was mounted on the hood, which at the same time made it also very aggressive. Xenon headlights, which can not be replaced with something more perfect, were tinted, but the wheels of the wheels, the radius of which is simply impressive – 23 inches, became the crown of the updates. To improve speed, the exhaust system was replaced, well, the guys who know a lot about finishing materials are working on the interior. Elegant leather, pedals and sills made of aluminum and stainless steel, and lights, so that the life of someone who sits in this car becomes brighter. The interior is really very cool, full of devices and pleasant chips, so that buyers will find a top-end car of previously unprecedented power.


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