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Car BYD F0

Car BYD F0 1

BYD F0 – urban “insect”

Car BYD F0 2

Tired of the constant difficulties with moving, parking, and sometimes refueling large crossovers and sedans, city motorists are beginning to actively change their priorities, giving preference to small cars that are distinguished by their brilliance (very valuable for megacities) and economy.

Unfortunately, the domestic car market still cannot boast of a wide range of models of such vehicles, but, in connection with their actively increasing demand, drastic measures are being taken to saturate it.

It is not the first year that Europe has been dealing with this problem for many years, and this is precisely what portended the appearance of models such as Toyota’s Aygo, Fiat 500, Peugeot 107 and others. Mostly French-made compact cars move along our streets, but recently China decided to provide assistance in unloading city roads, introducing the BYD F0 compact car to the international market..

The first push to the heights of the demand for the car was a modest price, incomparable with the cost of the Fiat 500 model, for example. True, for top-end equipment with alloy wheels, air conditioning, and improved interior components, you will have to pay extra, and, about $ 1 thousand, and for this segment it is a lot.

The quality of Chinese-made machines, which are represented on the domestic market, in many cases leaves much to be desired. The assembly of body parts BYD F0 is estimated by experts as a weak four, the gaps between the components are uncritical, a well-knocked-down interior, and plastic does not exude an unpleasant chemical smell. Finishing materials do not differ in luxury, as, incidentally, in the other models of the segment in question, and the standard audio system, but to modern standards, is generally worthless.

Excellent customizable seats, moreover, not only the driver’s seat, the seat is comfortable. The developers were even wiser with the luggage compartment, to open it you will need to disassemble the key fob, there is the treasured key, there are no other ways.

A light power unit can be recognized by its characteristic chirping (like an insect), until it warms up, then the noise level begins to decline, however, inconspicuous vibration persists. The BYD F6 starts very briskly, leaving behind many “colleagues” in the segment. The clutch unit is hard, but the manual transmission works well, the noise insulation is unimportant. The car demonstrates itself most effectively when driving up to 130 km / h; oncoming air flow begins to hinder further acceleration, which provokes a significant increase in fuel consumption.

At moderate speed, the control is not bad, at increased speed, when maneuvering, the front axle begins to “naughty”. The suspension is soft, the road bumps painfully, and this is not surprising, the car was designed exclusively for the city. Excellent braking system, tenacious and reliable, braking is smooth and confident.

But, again, sprint starts and emergency braking are not the destination of BYD F0, its element, city streets overloaded with traffic jams, in such an environment the car feels “at ease”. By the way, a version with automatic transmission will appear soon, which will further simplify the control process..


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