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Car Chevrolet Epica Sedan

Car Chevrolet Epica Sedan 1

Chevrolet Epica sedan

Car Chevrolet Epica Sedan 2

When choosing a car, you will surely give preference to that vehicle, which will have a modern, eye-catching appearance. This quality is fully possessed by the Chevrolet Epica sedan. Epica’s body lines look harmonious and truly beautiful. The profile has a wedge-shaped shape; in the front part, panoramic lights decorated with silver accents attract attention. The radiator grill is decorated with a wide chrome cross bar on which the company logo is fixed. A chrome trim is installed on the rear bumper, visually uniting the brake light block. Consider what other advantages Chevrolet Epica has.

The interior of the sedan in question is decorated in a modern style, but without frills. When decorating the interior, the manufacturer uses mainly materials in dark shades. Against their background stand out monitoring and control devices in chrome trim. The steering column can be adjusted in all possible directions, and the driver’s seat is equipped with an electric drive. Thanks to this, you can take the most comfortable position behind the wheel in just a few seconds.

The center console has a green backlight. It houses an on-board computer, clock and audio system, designed as separate displays. In the basic configuration, the car is equipped with climatic equipment, an electric drive for windows and side mirrors. As additional options for cars, heated seats, washer nozzles, adaptive power steering are installed. In addition, you can order the installation of a parking assistance system and many other useful options.

Powertrain specifications

When developing the Chevrolet Epica, experts did everything possible to ensure that the sedan had a smooth ride. Therefore, the car has a transverse arrangement of power units. In the database, the car is equipped with a two-liter gasoline engine, in the top version a 2.5 liter engine is installed. The base engine is capable of developing power up to 144 liters. S., top to 156 liters. from.

A more powerful motor is equipped only with an automatic transmission, which can be switched to manual shift mode. The base unit is able to function with mechanical and automatic transmissions. Regardless of the type of engine, the sedan accelerates to hundreds in ten seconds. At the same time, the two-liter engine equipped with an automatic transmission is the most economical in fuel consumption. In the city, he will consume no more than nine liters of gasoline.


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