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Car Chevrolet Lacetti Hatchback

Car Chevrolet Lacetti Hatchback 1

Car Chevrolet Lacetti Hatchback

Hatchback Chevrolet Lacetti

The Chevrolet Lacetti hatchback is sold in almost all countries of the world and is quite popular due to its adequate cost with a good option, technical equipment. The body design of Lacetti was developed by the Italian studio ItalDesign. As a result, the car received a dynamic, modern appearance. In the external appearance of the body, the almond-shaped headlights, the rear pillars, the 15-inch multi-spoke rims strongly inclined forward are noteworthy. As an additional option, the car body is equipped with a spoiler, fog lights.

When decorating, the manufacturer uses inexpensive materials. But, thanks to a quality fit, harmonious selection of colors, the widespread use of aluminum inserts, the interior looks attractive and even presentable. The driver’s seat can be adjusted in the longitudinal direction, the steering column is tilted. All controls and controls are directly accessible from the driver, the dashboard is not overloaded with equipment. The steering wheel rim is wide, sheathed in leather, so it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. There is plenty of room for rear passengers. If you install a child seat on the back sofa, there will be a place for two tall adults to sit.

In the basic configuration, Lacetti is equipped with air conditioning, power steering, active and passive safety features. In a more expensive configuration, the CX is replaced by climate control, and the number of airbags is increasing. In the top version, in addition to the options already listed, the car is equipped with leather-covered sports seats.

Powertrain specifications

The car in question is equipped only with gasoline engines. In the base on the hatchback engine is installed with a capacity of 93 liters. from. functioning with a mechanical transmission. In more expensive versions, the car is equipped with engines of 109 and 122 liters. C., they are able to work with automatic transmission. If you plan to operate the car primarily in the city, then it will be enough to buy a Chevrolet Lacetti with an engine capacity of 109 liters. from. Paired with a machine gun, he is able to demonstrate good dynamics, allows you to go quietly, without unnecessary pre-gasing at low speeds.


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