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Car Chevrolet Orlando minivan

Car Chevrolet Orlando minivan 1

Minivan Chevrolet Orlando

Car Chevrolet Orlando minivan 2

In 2010, the production of the Chevrolet company began serial production of the Orlando minivan. This seven-seater car was developed on the basis of the Chevrolet Cruze sedan and thanks to this the minivan received an interesting body design that attracts attention. High front head optics and a large, massive bumper with air intakes located on it stand out in front of the car. Under the impressive wheel arches are located 18-inch wheels, which in combination with a high window sill line give the minivan massiveness. The back part resembles a cube in shape, on it the most eye-catching element is a bumper, in the center of which a fog lamp is installed.

The Chevrolet Orlando minivan is remarkable in that it provides extensive opportunities for changing the interior of the cabin. You can implement thirty different combinations of seating arrangements, and thanks to this, the interior of the machine can be used for various purposes. For example, if you go on a trip, you will not have any problems with spending the night or with a place for lunch. In just a couple of minutes, the Orlando salon turns into a dining room or in a motor home with full beds.

In the normal state, the seats are arranged in three rows with an increase in each subsequent row. The backs of the side seats can be folded forward and this creates a wide passage. Each passenger seat is provided with niches, small containers for storing oversized items. In the lower part of the center console there are deep cup holders, and on the doors there are pockets for water bottles. On the console, behind the audio system, the car developers “hid” a secret compartment for storing documents, money and other valuables. Orlando comes with a panoramic roof as an option..

Powertrain specifications

The minivan under consideration can be equipped with two versions of diesel engines and one gasoline unit. The gasoline version of the Chevrolet Orlando is equipped with a 141 liter engine. from. With this engine, the maximum speed of the car will be 185 km / h. Diesel power units are able to develop power up to 131 and 163 liters. from. All engines are able to function with an automatic transmission, which, if necessary, is transferred to the manual gearshift mode.


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