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Car Chevrolet Spark

Car Chevrolet Spark 1

Chevrolet Spark – the perfect car for a resident of the city

Car Chevrolet Spark 2

Surely, many motorists who operate their vehicles primarily in urban areas will agree that it is more comfortable to travel on city streets in small, maneuverable, dynamic cars. Now many automakers produce such vehicles, so the choice is quite large. But, if you want to get a car with the best price-quality ratio, then you should pay attention to the Chevrolet Spark model.

Exterior body and interior

Chevrolet Spark was first demonstrated in 2005 and five years later, the car underwent a major upgrade. Moreover, the automaker immediately developed three body design options for the upgraded model. In order to choose the best option, an online voting was conducted and as a result of this, buyers were able to get an almost perfect city car. In the appearance of Spark, large oval-shaped headlamps stand out. The embossed hood harmoniously flows into the grille, under which a wide bumper is placed. On the side elements there is a clearly visible stiffening rib, which gives the body a more elegant, modern appearance, visually connects the front and rear of the machine. At the stern, large, oval brake lights equipped with LEDs are noteworthy..

Despite the relatively small size of the body, the cabin of the car in question can accommodate five people. When inspecting the interior, the non-standard layout of equipment on the dashboard is noteworthy. It houses a large speedometer inside, which has an LCD screen where data on fuel level, engine temperature, etc. are broadcast. When registering a salon, the automaker uses inexpensive, but high-quality materials, interior elements are carefully adjusted to each other. There are many niches and fixtures for passengers and the driver, so you can settle in inside the car with complete comfort. The steering column is adjustable in height, the driver’s seat is shifted in four directions. The luggage compartment is designed for 170 liters of cargo.

Engine specifications, options

The car in question does not have a significant mass, therefore it is equipped with gasoline units with a capacity of 68 and 80 horsepower. The most low-powered motor is able to function only with a mechanical gearbox. In the top configuration, the car is equipped with an automatic transmission.

The basic equipment of the machine is quite extensive. So for a minimum fee you will receive a vehicle where a full power package, an electric power steering, air conditioning, an immobilizer will be installed. The gas tank cover is equipped with a remote control. For an additional fee, the package of safety features is expanded, instead of a conventional air conditioner, climate control is installed, the seats are heated.


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