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Car Citroen DS3

Car Citroen DS3 1

Citroen DS3 – French charm and sporty character

Car Citroen DS3 2

If we consider the behavior of the Citroen DS3 on the road, then absolutely every connoisseur of good handling will give this instance an excellent rating. After all, being at the helm of this undoubtedly magnificent car, the integrity of all systems and mechanisms for controlling the situation is felt. The reliability and confidence that the car will give you will make you believe in the living origin of the Citroen DS3.

Designers and designers managed to embody the exterior of the car, almost undeniable qualities, French charm and sporty character. The front of the car has gorgeous straight lines of the bonnet that slide into neat optics. Bumper with integrated air intakes and LED fog lights. In profile, the car is also elegant, on the domed roof there is a shark fin, which gives good aerodynamics. The stern continues its sporting accessory, the lights of the navigation lights seem to whisper about the aggressiveness and combat character of the Citroen DS3.

If the French copy has a sporty appearance, then in the cabin, on the contrary, every detail is full of luxury and favors calm. The material for the seat trim was genuine leather, and for the doors and the center console, soft plastic with chrome inserts on the slots of all the tidies and air conditioning control buttons.

If we talk about electronic equipment, then the engineers worked hard, the Citroen DS3 has a good navigation system with climate and cruise control. All functions of the on-board computer are controlled by touch input on the monitor.

The artificial intelligence of the machine supports the connection of a flash card, smartphone and even a personal computer. On the multifunctional steering wheel, there is a joystick for answering a call and switching audio tracks.

Additional features included a built-in low-frequency conversion buffer and amplifier. Just Citroen DS3 surprise innovation. The set of buttons on the dashboard includes an odor control, interior room.

In the assortment of choice of power units there are two samples, the first with a high-pressure compressor and a direct fuel supply system, with a volume of one and six liters, giving out an incredible hundred and fifty forces. The second engine runs on octane gasoline, has a volume similar to the first and develops a strength of one hundred and twenty horses. Both units are operated in conjunction with gearboxes in five or six stages. There is a choice of switching methods, automatic or handle you decide.


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