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Car Citroen Nemo

Car Citroen Nemo 1

Citroen Nemo

Car Citroen Nemo 2

Minivans are not new to anyone, but the micro-van, and even the commercial one, is quite rustic, although manufacturers from France do not think so. The novelty has an ambiguous design and a funny name – Citro? N Nemo. A clown fish on wheels? Outwardly inflated fish, a tadpole on the side, and a belly button at the back, not so ugly, but obviously unusual, the designers overdid it and ran very far into the future. Let’s see, time will tell.

The car is not impressive in size, it is not enough in length and 4 meters, it is small in appearance, the interior and trunk also do not shine in size, what does this little Frenchman have? Small dimensions make the car more maneuverable, which means that it passes easier the loaded sections of the roadway, and such a baby will find a place in the parking lot faster. From a business point of view, it is also profitable, when transporting goods around the city, the car will quickly deliver everything to its destination.

The car has sliding doors – and again, where there is little space for it to be comfortable, the openings follow the contour of the rectangle, and this is convenient in order to quickly get into the cabin and in order to load / unload goods or things.

In the car it’s quite convenient (more convenient than in all other cars) to install a child seat and “mount” a child there, sometimes it’s hellish labor.

The car is high both outside and inside, it has a high ceiling. Here two birds with one stone are killed again – the first passenger comfort, the second is a large capacity, a small-looking car.

The car is truly portable – from the back you can easily fold all the seats alone or just a part – it means that the machine with easy hand movements turn into an elegant mini-truck. Miracle, and only.

Salon – obviously not from expensive materials: hard plastic, budget devices. To use the on-board computer, you need to connect a lot of brains – first find the control buttons, and then understand how it all works. It is necessary to find the SET button on the left, and this is difficult among the other buttons, and only then you can get into the menu itself. The upholstery is pleasing – non-marking and somewhat similar to fish scales. Great visibility – this cannot be taken away from the French.

A car with a diesel engine and a volume of 1.3 liters is not very powerful, but it doesn’t need speed, it’s economical to bring cargo and point A to point B. Gaining speed to hundreds in 15 seconds is not a problem, but the car has a lot other advantages.

Good working “fish” with a controversial appearance.


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