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Car Citroёn C5

Car Citroёn C5 1

Car Citroёn C5

Citroёn C5 – the confrontation of originality and caution

Is it worth believing the rumors that the maintenance of the Citroёn C5 model is very expensive, technically complicated, not to mention repairing it. Suspension caused users multiple doubts, or rather its hydropneumatic type. To some extent, the design is really not simple, but the Hydractive III suspension has been working for a long time and successfully, not only in C5. Of course, there are a lot of nuances that need attention, when buying a car in the secondary market, the main thing is to decide what exactly you want, a hatchback or station wagon, for example. The body type involves further energy exploitation, where the suspension plays one of the dominant roles.

Dealerships of Citroen C5 prevail on the secondary market; models intended for operation in Europe are very rare. The exterior of the car is solid and representative, the interior is spacious, especially in front, and the absence of a central tunnel allows you to easily place 3 large-size passengers on the back sofa.

In the standard official configuration, the following vehicles were installed in the car: airbag (6 pillows), ABS, anti-skid systems and anti-bucks, heated mirrors, system. In the SX version, in addition, the well-known hydropneumatic suspension, climate control, full power accessories, fog lights, and an on-board computer. A servo drive, xenon lighting with a washer, alloy wheels, cruise control were placed in the car on order. In cars with a power plant V6 automatic transmission functioned (4).

Power units with a displacement of 1.8 and 2.0 are very sensitive to fuel quality. From bad gasoline, in the first place, the lambda probe, the exhaust system neutralizer, the ignition coil, and the spark plug fail. In the process of active operation, the lower support of the internal combustion engine may “go up”, which will cause vibration in the passenger compartment. Mandatory maintenance and cleaning require a throttle assembly and an XX valve. Also, as a result of exposure to active road reagents, the radiator of the cooling system may be depressurized.

In diesel turbo engines, injection nozzles and high pressure fuel pumps (which is traditional) are subject to active wear. The suspension is quite sturdy, but over time you will have to change the ball bearings, hub bearings, and lever silent blocks. The steering rack is not satisfactory. To dispel doubts, it should be added that the operation of the Hydractive III hydraulic air suspension is recognized by experts as satisfactory and stable. For example, both a hydraulic pump and a servo drive serve for a very long time, the same can be said of hydrospheres. In manual transmissions, the drive cables will require replacement, and the automatic transmission does not tolerate work when not heated, a block of hydraulic valves can fly. At the same time, Aisin and ZF boxes work flawlessly.


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