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Car covers – the optimal and personal choice

Car covers - the optimal and personal choice 1

Car covers – the optimal and personal choice

Car covers - the optimal and personal choice 2

To have a prestigious expensive car of a neutral appearance of a medium price category or a used one, but well-groomed is only half the battle of the general feeling of its operation. If the salon, with all the advantages of the appearance of the unit, has an improperly designed appearance or is vulnerable to the influence of operational factors, such a moment significantly affects its overall perception. A universal option for creating coziness, comfort and even driving safety will help you achieve automobile covers, the variety and manner of execution of which is amazing. The presence of covers helps to solve many problems in one fell swoop, firstly, a presentable appearance and comfort, operating comfort and a naturally protective function that will provide the salon with wear resistance and maintain its presentation for a long time providing a powerful argument for presenting your car if it is necessary to sell it.

The tastes of people are diverse, but the choice of the consumer market is able to satisfy any needs today. With an abundance of offers, it is nevertheless necessary to take into account the advantages of a particular type of cover material, despite the appearance. And it is worth considering that among the shortcomings of the material there are those with which some will be able to reconcile, while others will not. In addition, an important point is the quality of product performance, which must also correspond to the degree of acquisition costs. The saying “informed – means armed or protected” is quite relevant if you need to make some important decisions and make the right, long-term choice. This is with regards to the choice of car covers. It is worth analyzing all the features of a variety of materials, determine what qualities of solon you want to achieve and after that go go buy ready-made ones or order individual covers.

First of all, you need to know that there are universal covers, which include ready-made covers applicable for different types of car seats, model covers that are made to individual orders, taking into account the characteristics of each car seat individually and taking into account the individual wishes of the customer, as well as t-shirt covers that also have a number of advantages.

The most common types of quality and widely used materials are velor, alcantara, leather, and vinyl. In the first case, velor, pleasant during tactile contact, behaves equally well under various weather conditions, is easy to care for, and has good wear-resistant qualities. It contributes to optimal gliding on its surface and has a variety of colors sufficient for selection. Alcantara covers (faux suede) look great in the cabin, have a high surface quality, are pleasant to the touch and quite wear-resistant. Vinyl is very resistant to pollution, it is convenient if pets are traveling with you in the car, but such covers have a problem with air circulation and comfort at high and low temperatures. The leather in the cabin looks very impressive, also has good wear-resistant qualities, but it requires a certain amount of tolerance to discomfort in cold winters and hot summers. If the choice fell on this particular material, it is better to give your preference to eco-leather (chevro or nubuck), which looks no different from the skin, but is more durable and elastic, and also allows air to pass through. For winter, it is better to use fur covers, especially if you do not have such an additional function as seat heating, in addition, it is worth taking a responsible approach to choosing the quality of the fur; it should not leave marks on clothes. It is important to know that the threads used when sewing covers should have special impregnation, which additionally protects the seams from contamination. Multilayer mesh material will find good use in the cabin, such covers look original, they pass air well and behave perfectly both in summer and winter.

The final choice can be made based on your preferences and material capabilities, remember that they will still fulfill their main function, protecting the factory seat upholstery and aesthetics.


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