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Car cr cr – review, specifications, valadelts reviews

Car cr cr - review, specifications, valadelts reviews 1

Honda cr v car – design features, advantages and disadvantages

Car cr cr - review, specifications, valadelts reviews 2

Car Honda CR-V of the third generation and its main characteristics

The third generation of Honda CR-V cars went on sale in 2007. The main goal of this generation was to win the sympathies of customers and to make quite worthy competition to the main leaders of the segment.

New technical characteristics of the Honda CR-V 2008, an improved all-wheel drive system, a new powertrain and a dynamic design – this is not a complete list of all the changes of this car.

The new car Honda CR-V, contrary to all trends, has received smaller dimensions compared to the previous generation. Manufacturers reduced its length, height and wheelbase, but in the width of this car a little added. As a result of these changes, the character of the car has changed dramatically, due to which it has become more suitable for active motorists who prefer cars with refined driving properties.

The exterior of the third-generation Honda CR-V auto got slightly modified with more rounded and smoother body lines. Reading reviews of the Honda CR-V, we can conclude that this SUV got a changed front beyond recognition, but everything else remains the same, but in general the owners call the appearance of this news more fun and cheerful.

The interior of third-generation cars is made at the proper level, as before. Manufacturers modernized it, but it was a point-by-point modernization, as a result of which the interior became more stylish and solid, which is fully confirmed by the owners reviews about the Honda CR-V. But the trunk of the car decreased slightly from 2.03 m³ to 1.72 m³.

Specifications Honda CR-V 2008 in terms of speed, power has not changed much, but the engines have undergone modernization. The 2.4-liter gasoline engine rated at 166 hp is considered the most powerful, while the 150-horsepower 2.0-liter unit became less powerful. Both engines can be aggregated with a six-speed manual gearbox and a 5-speed automatic gearbox.

A new generation of Honda CR-V diesel received a diesel engine, it became a 140 hp power unit. 2.2 liter with i-CTDi system. The diesel Honda CR-V is no different from the gasoline versions, as it is equipped with a fully automatic all-wheel drive system, multi-plate clutch with a freewheel. The suspension remained the same: multi-link at the rear, MacPherson front, but the creators changed the angles of the wheels, silent blocks and springs. In general, all the improvements have benefited the car and the praise of the owners once again confirms this.


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