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Car Daewoo Nexia – inexpensive and convenient

Car Daewoo Nexia - inexpensive and convenient 1

Daewoo Nexia – an inexpensive and convenient car

Car Daewoo Nexia - inexpensive and convenient 2

Which car is perfect? Most likely, many motorists will answer that the perfect car should be roomy, not expensive, comfortable and safe.

In principle, according to these criteria, a lot of cars fit, but in this review we will talk about the car Daewoo Nexia. Its prototype was one of the most popular German cars, the Opel Cadet, which began production back in the 80s of the twentieth century..

South Korean auto manufacturer Daewoo acquired a license to manufacture modifications to the Opel Cadet in nineteen eighty-six.

Nexia absorbed all the best from this car, in addition to the car installed an improved engine.

The assembly of the car in Korea did not last long, over time, production facilities were moved to other parts of the mainland, where the company’s production units were located..

The car hit the Russian auto market in the two thousand sixth year, after a couple of years its assembly took place already in the Uzbek branch of the DEU company. Already the first samples of the car that went on sale won the hearts of many motorists, primarily for their comfort and soft ride.

The car has a fairly roomy trunk and interior, and its exterior is characterized by soft lines.

According to many experts, it is much stronger, more attractive in appearance and price than many domestic counterparts.

Today, the car can be purchased in two variations: luxury and basic. Luxury equipment involves certain changes in the appearance of the car:

glass with heat absorption function;

special caps for wheels;

improved interior for the cabin;

Lock lock system;

fog lights with power windows (electric)

At the request of a potential buyer, an air conditioning system can be installed in the car, as well as a power steering (electric), but it is true that in most cases the potential buyer mounts this unit on their own, since the basic pricing policy of the company in relation to this car, which competes with Matiz Daewoo, is quite reasonable.

Until two thousand and three, the car was equipped with an exclusively one and a half liter engine with a capacity of fifty-five kW. In the same year, a restyled car model was launched, on which an improved version of the eighty-five liter engine was installed. forces of five high-speed manual gearbox.

And finally, I would like to say that in a car everything is not as smooth as we would like, but a reasonable price and excellent maintainability will more than compensate for everything. This is a very versatile vehicle and is suitable both for trips to the country house and abroad, as well as for business trips and food trips.

This is ideal for those who want to choose a faithful and ideal companion..


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