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Car Fiat Panda

Car Fiat Panda 1

Fiat Panda – a regular on city roads

Car Fiat Panda 2

Marketers of the company very skillfully placed 2 cars in a single segment: the Fiat 500, popular throughout Europe and, with time, which became even more popular, the Panda model. Having decided to take a break, the engineers for a long time did not indulge users with the appearance of the updated Fiat 500, however, when he did appear, he immediately regained all the titles he had previously won, again moving to the rank of best sellers. But during his absence, Fiat Panda, almost having no worthy competitors, felt like a complete mistress of the situation, and did not fail to take advantage of it, in the shortest time it became popular and loved in almost all European countries.

Its main privileges: excellent layout, compactness, unpretentiousness, and affordable price. Today, according to the developers themselves, both of these cars, without ambition sharing the throne of popularity, complement each other perfectly.

In the latest generation Fiat Panda, the car was radically modified. The basis was taken on a completely new platform, very vaguely reminiscent of the previous concept, although the car retained its ergonomics and light utility. In addition, Panda has slightly increased in size, which, however, has not yet brought it to Class B.

The interior of the car is tall and spacious, a little square, and very comfortable. But the main thing is hidden under the hood of the car. In the latest generation, the engineers surprised even the analysts who had seen it, offering as many as 4 types of ICEs of a new type, 3 gasoline, and 1 diesel. All installations demonstrate tremendous potential, based on their small volumes. Twin Air 0.9 engines. The first 65 forces, without a turbine, and the second with a turbine, raises power to 85 forces. Multijet II 1.3 diesel engine with 75 horsepower. All units are equipped with a “start-stop” system designed to save fuel. A manual transmission (5) and a “robot” (5) function in the transmission unit. All ICEs are not only economical, but also highly environmentally friendly, and fully comply with Euro-6 requirements.

The latter is satisfied by the start-stop system. Although some motorists do not like it, but according to tests, the ECO mode practically does not negatively affect the technical characteristics of the car.

The new generation Panda is presented in 3 configuration options, and, depending on the choice, the rear sofa of the car can be either 2 or 3 seater. In the domestic market, car prices vary. In addition, dealers are able to traditionally offer a huge assortment of additional equipment, ranging from enhanced protection to the engine sump and ending with the installation of the new Blue & Me Tom Tom2 brand multimedia. You should not rely on the low cost of the machine, it is extremely popular in Europe, which is why marketers build in pricing policies. According to the most conservative estimates, the latest generation Fiat Panda will cost 10 thousand euros, at least. It may be expensive, but today for urban exploitation it is unlikely to be able to find a more worthy applicant.


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