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Car for Ladies: Exquisite Auto Market Overview

Car for Ladies: Exquisite Auto Market Overview 1

Car for Ladies: Exquisite Auto Market Overview

Car for Ladies: Exquisite Auto Market Overview 2

In the modern world, a woman driving is no longer a danger to others. Often ladies drive more carefully, more attentively and more professionally than men.

Car manufacturers often produce a special car model designed to emphasize the style and sophisticated taste of its owner.

There are ladies who choose large cars, however, most people like the compactness and attractiveness of the hatchback.

So, let’s look at five women’s cars..

The main advantages of this model include affordability and small size. Thanks to its compactness, the car easily maneuvers in dense traffic flows and makes parking easier for the hostess.

Lowering and raising of glasses is regulated by the driver. The steering wheel does not require effort during rotation. A small minus of the model: the car is designed for city driving, so its suspension and clearance are not adapted for bad roads.

The model is suitable for girls as the first car.

More expensive model. The price ranges from 400 to 550 thousand rubles. This is a reliable car with a whole range of useful features, designed for women who are pretty confident in driving.

However, the cramped rear seats, a small trunk and a rather weak engine, making it difficult to overtake on the highway, make the car unsuitable for long-distance travel.

The car has an original appearance, which is reflected in its cost (from 380 to 600 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration).

This new car is stylish and vibrant, young and daring. It is ideal for urban environments..

Elegant, intelligent, ergonomic and roomy interior. Depending on the configuration, the car is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, climate control, power window and other useful functions.

It is characterized by a fairly roomy interior. The basic equipment includes air conditioning and power steering. Price segment – from 390 to 500 thousand rubles. The package may include climate control, as well as additional airbags.

For an additional fee in the three-door version, you can buy a car with an automatic transmission, power windows, airbags and power steering.

The highest price, about 490 thousand rubles, has a model with five doors with all additional functions, plus air conditioning and side airbags.

Compactness, reliability and excellent price make this model quite attractive for women.

Every year, there are more and more people who want to drive the fair sex. Currently, almost every manufacturer is trying to catch the peculiarity of the “female” car and to please its future customers with the unusualness and functionality of their cars. The choice among this variety is yours..


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