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Car Ford B-Max

Car Ford B-Max 1

Compact truck Ford B-Max

Car Ford B-Max 2

Kompaktven Ford B-Max combines many positive qualities that make it an almost perfect city car. So, the small dimensions of the body allow this car to park without problems or drive along the narrow streets full of vehicles. At the same time, the interior is not much inferior to a traditional minivan in terms of comfort and spaciousness. Appearance Ford B-Max attracts attention with fast, dynamic lines.

Features in the body design of the Ford B-Max

The main feature of the compact van body design is the lack of a central pillar. Due to this, when opening the rear row of doors, a very wide passage is formed. At first glance, it may seem that the lack of a central pillar negatively affects the stiffness of the body, but this is not so. Housing elements are made of heavy-duty steel alloys, and racks are built directly into the door. Therefore, the rigidity of the body of the Ford B-Max is even higher than that of traditional cars with a central pillar. Tests showed that the car perfectly holds lateral and frontal collisions at speeds up to 100 km / h. Doors do not jam in the event of an impact; on the contrary, special locks are installed on them, from which the lock is removed in case of a strong impact.

Powertrain specifications Ford B-Max

The compact in question is equipped with a unique EcoBoost petrol power unit. The uniqueness of this engine lies in the fact that, having only three cylinders, it is able to develop power up to 100 liters. from. This is achieved due to the presence of a direct fuel injection device in the engine system. Moreover, the supply of fuel to the working area occurs with high accuracy several times in one cycle of the engine. In addition to high power indicators with a relatively small volume, EcoBoost is characterized by low fuel consumption, environmental friendliness and low noise level during operation.

In addition to the specified power unit, the Ford B-Max can be equipped with 1.6 or 1.4 liter gasoline engines. These engines can develop power of 105 or 90 liters. from. respectively.


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