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Car Ford Focus

Car Ford Focus 1

Great Brotherhood Ford Focus

Car Ford Focus 2

The trend is that today, priorities are given not to the efficiency of the car you like, but to its outer shell, and this gives joy to the creative workshop of designers of leading automobile companies. In order to take one of the leading places in the market, the new generation Ford Fiesta, for example, did not take a lot of time. The decisive word in this lightning success was played by the car body design, it strongly resembles the Aston Martin, in a compact design. But Ford’s successful march did not end there, and the new Ford Focus that appeared only secured the company’s high ratings.

Under the hood, the novelty has a small, but extremely popular EcoBoost engine, the working potential of which was highly appreciated by leading world experts. Having a cubic capacity of 1 liter, it, in various variations, produces 100 and 125 forces. There is one more, the same type of power unit 1.5, with a capacity of up to 180 forces. At the base Focus is still offered an atmospheric installation of 1.6 cubic meters. In the diesel row there is a pair of internal combustion engines TDCi 95 and 120 forces, and a 180-strong unit 2.0.

Regarding the options and technical innovations present on board the car, there is no doubt that their corporate assortment will satisfy even the most biased avtogourmet. The SYNC 2 system, which controls the navigation, selection, and activation of media files using voice commands. All information is displayed on a large display with high resolution. Parking system with a noise controller, auto steering, system that prevents collision with an obstacle in front of the car. In the first version of the model, this system functioned when the car moved up to 30 km / h, in the new Focus generation, the speed range was increased to 50 km / h. The interior is attractive, quiet and comfortable, with a convenient ergonomic driver’s workplace.

In addition, the Focus trim levels offer all the devices and accessories available on other models of the company’s cars, starting with airbag and ABS, and ending with air conditioning, climate control, cruise, and CD. Adequate price corresponds to a successful car design, which guarantees success in the global car market.


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