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Car Geely Emgrand X 7

Car Geely Emgrand X 7 1

Geely Emgrand X 7

Car Geely Emgrand X 7 2

Cars of this model range were developed specifically for the market of European countries. therefore, when developing them, all the necessary European standards were taken into account, as well as the comments and suggestions of potential buyers.

The car rightfully earned the name of a stylish and modern full-size SUV, the exterior of which was developed with the participation of Italian masters.

The car has the following advantages over its competitors:

1. Comfortable and spacious lounge, which provides the ability to adjust the seats;

2. The vehicle clearance is significantly improved;

3. It has a fairly high level of security;

We can say that the car Jillie Emgrand X 7 has already conquered a lot of hearts, This was greatly contributed by the fact that the car is being assembled not only in China but also in Belarus. High ground clearance allows this car to rightfully be called a universal means of transportation with excellent maneuverability in urban conditions and also on rough terrain.

Chinese-made cars have an extended basic configuration, which includes airbags, ABS, and air conditioning.

The car is equipped with a fairly powerful engine (16 valves). You can choose the following volumes: 2.0, 1.8 and 2.4 liters with the corresponding capacity of one hundred thirty nine, one hundred twenty seven and one hundred fifty eight horsepower.

It has pretty powerful specifications and some call it the new “Duster” from China.

The car comes to the Russian auto market with a two-liter engine. In 2014, Russia planned to produce a car with automatic gearbox and main engine.

In the Chinese automotive market, the car is recognized as one of the safest and most reliable.

The basic equipment of the Russian version of the car includes a more rigid body, additional door amplifiers, more airbags, automatic door unlocking.

This crossover is available in the following trim levels “Comfort” and “Luxori.” The technical specifications of these two trim levels differ.

The basic equipment of the car includes alloy wheels, a spare tire, fog lights (front and rear), electric heating of the front seats, an on-board computer and air conditioning.

Luxury equipment involves upholstery with high-quality leather, the presence of parking sensors, climate control and other additional accessories.

Moreover, both versions of the car have a reasonable price, and it will be affordable for many motorists. That is why Chinese-made cars are gaining popularity in Europe..

And indeed, what kind of buyer can not resist such a tempting combination of price and quality?


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