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Car Haima M3

Car Haima M3 1

Haima m3

Car Haima M3 2

At the moment, Chinese industry has taken a very far step, given that this country recently rode three-wheeled mopeds, and no one even thought about cars. Now cars made in China are incredibly popular not only in Russia, but also in the whole world. More and more machine companies are being created. One of these auto concerns was Haima, despite the fact that production capacities were not fully developed, the company has already released the first series of vehicles, which received the unambiguous name Haima M. The car segment is defined as sedans for the average population. One of the first, long-awaited brainchild of the enterprise, was the four-door Haima M3. According to the creator of this model, the development of the body and component parts belongs only to the owner. But this is far from the case, the fact is that specialists from the country in the form of a boot took part in the design of the body lines, while Italians know what the car should look like with regard to internal equipment and power plants, professional engineers who came from Japan, namely the designers of Mazda.

The body boasts its strength and welding quality using high technology in the field of machine construction. Also, the best minds were engaged in the aerodynamics of the car, and as a result achieved their goal, the ability to dissect the air masses of the Haima M3, is not worse than that of European brands.

The exterior of the car looks good and elegant, but there is a trace from other representatives of this class. Therefore, this car is devoid of personality, but not completely. The front of the car looks amazing, the straight line of the hood smoothly turning into the radiator grill, and the xenon optics in the style of the letter L on the sides. It is worth a bit to lower your eyes below and you will see the front bumper, it’s just handsome. Air intakes combined with fog dimensions add aggression.

On the side, the Haima M3 is similar to a rocket, the conical shape will provide good streamlining. Doors are clearly and correctly installed. Like a compass, the shape of the wheel arches.

The feed of the car is made in the best traditions of Europe, rather voluminous headlights, and a bumper hinting at the sporting character and potential of the car.

The luggage compartment is incredibly large; the total volume of liquid is equivalent to four hundred and twenty liters.

The salon is very spacious and quite comfortable. Here, the Chinese manufacturer directly surprised. And the quality of the material, and electronic equipment at a height, a similar picture is waiting for you on the back sofa. Soundproofing is good enough. On the dashboard there is a liquid crystal screen with navigation and various functions, the steering wheel also has a joystick to control audio and incoming calls.

Under the hood of the Haima M3, an engine of its own production will be installed, one and a half liter, with a capacity of one hundred and twelve horses, running on gasoline. The gearbox can be selected independently, a five-mortar mechanic or an analog automatic.

A good, inexpensive car that everyone can afford to stand out.


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