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Car Haval H9

Car Haval H9 1

Haval h9

Car Haval H9 2

It somehow happened that all the words with the letter “X” are somehow unpleasant, except that the hammam is a Turkish bath, where you can spend the whole day, but everything seems, although not – there is still a car that can surprise the seasoned worlds and He’s called Haval and it’s a really nice shock. A Chinese-made car makes an excellent impression and can be recommended! If I had been told this five years ago, I would have stoned and ridiculed, but not today.

Haval H9 is almost the only car worthy of attention from Chinese manufacturers. It is pleasantly pleased with the price, it is huge, but there is something to pay for, the car is completely new, a kind of black horse. Although you can evaluate the car in two ways, for a simple layman it is obvious progress and a standing ovation for the car, but for the buyer it’s a shock, why pay such money ?! But let’s not rush and we will sort everything in order. Outwardly, it is nothing but Prado, you can argue and look for differences like in the game, but no matter how similar the twins are, even the dimensions are almost the same, and how the door opens from the back, also to the right! The difference is significant, but it is one – the name of the car. Of course, you can’t blame it for copying, maybe just take it as a basis and make changes to your liking and add a few new options, but the similarity is nowhere to be found and this is a fact.

In fact, it turned out very solidly: a transmission with a lower transmission, with an excellent interior, if you close your eyes, or rather don’t know where you got, you can’t distinguish a salon from a good Japanese or Korean, but there’s no place to smell phenol, which’s not very useful.

The salon combines plastic and leather, everything is neatly assembled, I don’t even want to find fault, and there are a lot of bells and whistles, moreover, nobody can really compete with so many things, and this is a Chinese car. And it comes in only one configuration and it is maximum, that’s where the price begins its development!

The second row of seats is impressive in terms of capacity, there is enough space for three and there is a comfortable armrest and, lo and behold, climate control. The third row of seats for children, there obviously they can be taken for a long time, there is a 220V outlet. The ride is easy to explain with a spring suspension and a copy, oddly enough, better than the original. The car is swinging, but this is also connected with the bridge, which is solid and very heavy. The mass of the car is 2.5 tons, but the engine is only 2 liters – obviously not enough, even the turbine does not save the situation.


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