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Car Honda Accord 8 generation

Car Honda Accord 8 generation 1

Honda Accord Eighth Generation

Car Honda Accord 8 generation 2

Now at dealerships you can buy the eighth generation of the Honda Accord. It differs from previous modifications by a more elongated hood, extended head optics, and the tailgate is tilted forward. These and other changes in the body design gave the car a fast, dynamic silhouette, positively affected the aerodynamic characteristics of the car.

Salon Honda Accord has a high level of sound insulation. At speeds of up to 100 km / h, the noise of a running motor, the hum of tires, the noise of the street are absolutely inaudible inside. The seats are partially trimmed with leather, partially with fabric. Moreover, the fabric inserts are gray, and the headrests are sheathed in dark material. The gear lever, handbrake handle, some steering elements are decorated with silver accents. If you turn on the head light, then the grooves for the legs begin to be highlighted with blue lights.

On the center console there is a large display under which airflow deflectors are located. Next, the climate control module is installed on the console. In the updated version of the car in question, the hand brake was shifted closer to the gear lever.

Honda Accord is equipped with i-VTEC engines. When buying a car, pay attention to the option of equipping a two-liter engine. It gives a capacity of 156 liters. from. at seven liters of fuel consumption. A more powerful engine is able to develop power of two hundred horsepower, with nine liters of fuel consumption. All engines are able to function with an automatic transmission whose control is displayed on the steering wheel. To improve the convenience of control, the transmission can be included in various driving modes. For example, if you enable Kickdown mode, the car will receive additional acceleration. For those who want to demonstrate the best dynamics on the road, you can turn on the sports driving mode.

Since last year, Honda Accord began to be equipped with a 150 liter diesel engine. from. It is able to function with an automatic transmission, is characterized by high environmental friendliness and a relatively low level of fuel consumption.


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