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Car Honda Crosstour

Car Honda Crosstour 1

Car Honda Crosstour

Car Honda Crosstour 2

If you need a car that will not let you down when traveling long distances, then you should pay attention to the Honda Crosstour model. This car was designed specifically for those who are interested in caravanning. It has a bright, eye-catching appearance, and thanks to the lowered center of gravity provides the wheels with an excellent level of grip with a burly coating. In addition, the behavior of the car on the road is controlled by the Real Tiame 4WD electronic system, which will respond in a timely manner to changes in the level of adhesion of wheels to the road.

Interior fittings

The interior of the car in question is decorated in the American style, that is, the interior elements are trimmed with leather and wood-like inserts. To reduce the noise level, the interior is provided with an active insulation system..

Armchairs and a back sofa are designed for five people. In this case, the driver’s seat can be adjusted in eight positions, including in the lumbar region, and passenger seats are provided with four adjustable positions. Changing the positions of the seats is carried out using an electric drive. All seats are equipped with two-stage heating.

Already in the basic configuration, a 2-zone climate control with an intelligent control system is installed in the cabin, side mirrors are equipped with electric drive and heating. When moving backwards, the mirrors tilt a bit, providing better visibility.

Powertrain specifications, security systems

Honda Crosstour is equipped with a 3.5-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 275 liters. from. The engine is able to accelerate the car to hundreds in nine seconds with fifteen liters of fuel consumption on city streets. On the highway, gas mileage is reduced to ten liters.

The car in question is equipped with a large number of safety features. So, in the cabin are installed not ordinary, but two-level airbags. Depending on the strength of the impact, the degree of deployment of the pillows will be appropriate. Plus, the safety of the driver and passengers is ensured by active head restraints, electronic stabilization systems, anti-lock brakes.


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