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Car Honda Jazz modification

Car Honda Jazz modification 1

2011 Honda Jazz

Car Honda Jazz modification 2

The vehicles manufactured by Honda are highly technological. In order for several years after the launch of the machine in mass production, it remains the same modern and attracts attention with its technical equipment, the appearance of the body and a comfortable interior, Honda specialists regularly upgrade their vehicles. So, one of the most popular Honda Jazz models was last restyled in 2011, but the car entered the car market of our country only last year. Consider what changes have occurred with the specified car, what advantages it is able to provide its owners.

Interior and exterior design

After the restyling, the body of the Honda Jazz received more streamlined forms. The wheelbase has been increased, and due to this free space in the cabin has become more. At the same time, the rear and front of the car decreased in size, and as a result, the maneuverability of the car increased. Now you can park almost anywhere without a problem.

The car dashboard is easy to use and practical. The center console is provided with a pleasant blue backlight for the eyes. On the console is a modern navigation system that allows you to store information on SSD disks. Manage and use multimedia equipment will be able not only to those who are sitting in the front seats, but also passengers who are located on the back of the couch. For them, there is a whole entertainment system, which includes two screens fixed to the rear backs.

In the basic configuration, the seats are covered with fabric, but for an additional fee you can get a car with a leather interior. The seats are provided with an electric drive for changing positions. This allows not only to take the most comfortable position in the chairs, but also to transform the cabin in a couple of minutes.

Powertrain specifications

Honda Jazz comes with two powertrain options. One of them has a volume of 1.2 liters, the other has a volume of 1.4 liters. The difference between these motors is not too big since they give out power of 90 and 100 liters. from. respectively. Please note that these power units are equipped not only with a mechanical transmission, but also with a modern CVT variator. This variator will help to significantly save fuel, helps increase the life of the engine.

In addition to gasoline engines, the Honda Jazz can be equipped with a hybrid powertrain. It consists of a 88 liter gasoline engine. from. and an electric motor capable of delivering 14 liters. from. The hybrid engine is paired with a variator, capable of accelerating the car to hundreds in twelve seconds and consumes extremely little fuel. In the city you will spend only four liters of gasoline.


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