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Car Hyundai HD 78

Car Hyundai HD 78 1

Hyundai HD 78

Car Hyundai HD 78 2

The Hyundai HD 78 is a terrific truck that grabs people’s attention. In this model, every detail is thought out. Therefore, it is very convenient to unload and load.

A car of this model can be a dump truck, a truck, a refrigerator, an onboard van, an industrial van, an isothermal van, a crane, a tank for transporting liquid and semi-liquid products, etc..

It is reliable because the high-quality assembly of the chassis can withstand heavy loads..

The chassis of this truck may have a crane, a tow truck, a van, an elongated cab.

There are the following types of vans: 1) a galvanized van covered with enamel; 2) galvanized van treated with clad metal; 3) a van that maintains any temperature and has insulation, thanks to polyurethane foam; 4) a van that has a large number of trays (suitable for transporting bakery products, for example).

Hyundai HD 78’s payload varies by add-on type.

It has a turbocompressor with a capacity of 140 liters and a volume of 3.9 seconds. Of course, the car has an adaptation to the winter time of the year in Russia and can work at any other time of the year.

If repairs are necessary, then it can be done without any problems. The car has a hinged cab, which provides pretty good visibility and accessibility to all nodes of the car.

The car has an ergonomic interior that guarantees the conditions for good work. A wide windshield with a spacious cab gives you control of the car without hesitation, allows you to control the situation on the road. There is also a place for the driver to relax, which allows you to gain strength at night before the further road.

In addition, all the necessary switches are in close proximity to the driver, they are available for the operational execution of any actions. It also has air conditioning and a system to enable music and radio..

So, Hyundai HD 78 – a reliable car that can carry cargo over long distances. He can easily move both in a busy metropolis and in the countryside without any problems. With it, you can successfully carry out various construction and repair work. He has a wide and spacious selection of add-ons that can solve any problems that the car owner faces. Therefore, Hyundai HD 78 – the best car for cargo.


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