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Car Infiniti Q30 2016

Car Infiniti Q30 2016 1

Infiniti Q30 2016 – innovations not only outside but also inside

Car Infiniti Q30 2016 2

Among the most unexpected car models presented at the show at the famous Frankfurt Motor Show is the five-door crossover unexpectedly produced by the Japanese in the 2016-2017 luxury segment Infiniti Q30. The company absolutely did not expect a compact car of this type from the company, but manufacturers boldly declare: this is only the first-born, soon Infinity will present another new version of the SUV to the automotive community.

The car turned out to be incredibly aggressive, stylish, but left behind the classic sports properties of the brand, magnetizes looks, makes you want to ride on it. The image of the car attracts the eye with small droplets of LEDs on the low and high beam xenons, the branded radiator lining – an elegant wicker image, a massive stylish bumper – a fairing with a prominent lower air intake.

If you look from the side, it looks like the car is already flying, the plastic radius of the wheel arches, lowered racks, a roof in the form of a dome, unusual ribs located on the sides of the doors, innovative feed – it has a fantastic rear pillar.

The stern is decorated with narrowed lines of plafond dimensions, traditionally filled with LEDs. Developers honestly worked on idealistic optics, which, it seems, was born simultaneously with this machine. A peculiar, but magnificent new style of the tailgate, a massive bumper with exhaust pipes, mounted in a diffuser, which is located below the fairing.

The appearance of the novelty is very similar to the prototype of the same model – a concept that has already been demonstrated before – in 2014.

The entire interior of the cabin is quite accompanied by the premium segment. Expensive finishing materials, carefully assembled design, all the progressive functions demanded, an absolute set of equipment, ergonomics at the proper level. Extremely comfortable profile of the front seats, guaranteed support, electric adjustment device for a suitable position and seat heating.

Steering wheel with a whole set of settings located on it. The information dashboard, impressive and catchy size tachometer and speedometer, progressive, the main console, which is controlled by a touchscreen with a multi-color touch eight-inch monitor. Intuitive audio and multimedia control system, the ability to adjust the climate.

The gallery is comfortable and spacious, the sofa is prepared for two most convenient places. The trunk provides a usable space of 368 liters.

Just an incredible amount of additional systems that are responsible for progressive parking sensors, panoramic panoramic cameras, a function that allows you to examine moving objects, a system for preventing frontal collisions, and a tracking system. And this is only a fraction of what is presented in the Infiniti Q30.


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