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Car Kia Ceed 2015

Car Kia Ceed 2015 1

Kia Ceed 2015

Car Kia Ceed 2015 2

The car is available with a hatchback and minivan in which 7 people fit. Koreans are just great fellows. They took into account the fact that in Russia there are small and large families, for which a seven-seater minivan is just right. But in fairness I must say that the hatchback is not too small.

In 2015, the Kia Ceed GT version for the 5-door hatchback will be presented. A car with a sports front end and excellent aerodynamic performance, thanks to which the car perfectly dissects the air flow. The headlights remained the same, and the grille is in the form of an open mouth. A little lower there is an air intake in the form of a bumper. The hood is slightly sloping down. Kia Ceed leaves all the same side mirrors, and the windows have changed a bit. The arches and wheels remained the same and that is why the car has an aggressive and daring look.

The rear view has undergone some restyling, it was equipped with new headlights with LEDs. Sharp corners were added around the perimeter, and the window changed shape. The rear bumper has acquired a rectangle in which light lights and a license plate are inserted.

In length, the new car has 4 meters 31 centimeters, in height it is almost one and a half meters, which is very convenient for tall people. The width of the hatchback is almost 1 meter and 8 centimeters. The trunk holds 380 liters.

Sitting in the new car does not leave a feeling that this is a sports car. Almost everyone talks about it. The pedals are thinner and made of metal. The steering wheel has become more direct at the base. Parts made of plastic varnished, which has a special chic. The front panel and doors acquired metal parts. The seats have better upholstery, but the shape and quality remain the same..

Buyers are offered options such as enhanced car functionality. In addition, there are paid features in the form of cruise control and dual-zone climate control. It will be possible to install heated seats and their ventilation. Sporty ride and airbags.

We did not set out to advertise the chassis of the car, we talked only about the appearance and interior. However, the buyer will be interested in the fact that the new car will be equipped with a 1.6 liter engine, and the power of 204 “horses”. The new Kia accelerates to a hundred kilometers in literally 7.7 seconds. The machine is capable of speeds of 230 kilometers per hour..

The price of a new car, in the basic configuration, brought from Korea, will be 850,000 rubles. The new car will be in Russia in April.


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