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Car Lada Kalina

Car Lada Kalina 1

Lada Kalina – does the model have a successful future?

Car Lada Kalina 2

Motorists were able to get acquainted with the Kalina model for the first time in 1996, but the opportunity to purchase a production car presented itself after almost 10 years. The recklessness of time left its mark – the car was not able to bring anything new that it could surprise potential buyers. And yet, it was an important step towards success and future improvements. An electric power steering appeared in a small car, door windows can be manipulated with a simple click of a button, air conditioning system, ABS, airbag (frontal).

The interior of the cabin became brighter, it surprised not only experts, but also users, earlier gray tones prevailed in VAZ cars, with the exception of classics. The driver’s workplace, in particular the chair, began to resemble the devices installed in expensive minivans.

The body parts are made of hard metals, including galvanized steel, so the possibility of the occurrence of primary foci of corrosion, in particular at the points of their connection, is not ruled out. The energy consumption of the chassis and steering leaves much to be desired. McPherson front axle suspension, stabilized, rear – beam, moreover, the racks are not so much subject to wear as mechanical damage, the durability of the joints and ball depends on operating conditions and loads.

In earlier generations of the model, there were problems with the servo-drive of the steering mechanism, which made it excessively heavy, but later, after replacing the manufacturer of the unit, they got rid of this problem.

In various versions of Kalina, petrol units of 8 and 16 valves, 81 and 89 forces, respectively, work. To say that they are impeccably reliable would be superfluous, as well as to talk about their characteristic malfunctions. Much depends on the quality of component parts, which determines the stability and long-term operation. The list of possible ICE malfunctions is diverse, rupture of the piston group rings, displacement of the crankshaft liners, corrosion and cracks in the cylinder head.

When buying a VAZ “Kalina” with mileage, it is recommended to conduct a general diagnosis of the machine, measure the compression, check the condition of the timing belts, generator. As a rule, branded belts are resistant to wear, but also high cost..

The model in all generations is equipped with a manual transmission (5). The box functions reliably, however, there are complaints about the poor clarity of high gears when the unit warms up. Established clutch, according to many users, is completely unimportant, and more than 30 thousand km. mileage withstand extremely rarely. By the way, in addition to the wear of the friction linings, the cable often breaks. With the electronics of the car, troubles also periodically occur. For example, the “Check Engine” signal can often turn on, which is triggered by the failure of the next sensors or a simple system failure. To get to the ECU, you will have to get to know the radiator of the cabin heater, the depressurization of which is also not a rare occurrence.


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