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Car Lada Vesta Cross station wagon

Car Lada Vesta Cross station wagon 1

Station wagon Lada Vesta Cross – the embodiment of new ideas in an original style

Car Lada Vesta Cross station wagon 2

Following the Vesta sedan, which is due to enter the car market in November 2015, the president of the Volga auto company Bu Andersson announced the creation of the Lada Vesta Cross station wagon. Finally, the concept of this all-terrain vehicle was released at the Moscow Off-Road Show held on August 26.

This is a kind of breakthrough in the domestic automotive industry, which currently focuses on consumer demands and market expansion. The concept reflects a new corporate X-shaped style, while at the same time representing further opportunities for the development of the Vesta model. The wagon style of the Cross version is based on the Vesta concept sedans. The founder of the new style as a whole was the XRAY concept, introduced back in 2012.

The “elevated” version of the station wagon is a harmonious combination of a dynamic look and practicality. In front, it is very similar to the LADA Vesta sedan, but if you look at the middle and rear of the station wagon, you can notice a lot of changes, namely 300 updates made based on the sedan body of this model.

Behind the middle rack, new designs of designers are clearly visible: a drop-down roof, stylish lights on a taut stern and a “fin” of the rear rack.

Series production of Vesta Cross suggests that there will be an all-wheel drive version, the base version will be front-wheel drive by default.

As for the interior, it looks very presentable. The architecture of the front panel is almost identical to that presented on the concept sedan. The difference is that bright orange accents are added here to decorate the interior and trunk. Three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, the design of the center console, the “wells” of the dashboard, a 7-inch TV and an air conditioning unit are borrowed from the sedan version.

The concept was presented with 18-inch wheels, huge by the standards of this car, and a high ground clearance of 300 mm. Will these characteristics of the serial Vesta Cross is still unknown.

The dimensions of the car and the size of the luggage compartment are still unknown. Under assumptions, the lineup of powertrains will be the same as that of the sedan. The gearbox will be both a 5-speed “mechanics” and a “robot”.

The show car was also presented to the public in order to study the opinion on the advisability of releasing this model in mass production. In the case of a positive assessment, the Russians should wait for the station wagon with the Cross prefix in 2017.

Estimated cost of a Vesta Cross car, due to the time of its release, remains unknown.


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