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Car lamp h4

Car lamp h4 1

Quality h4 halogen car lamp

Car lamp h4 2

In view of the occurrence of xenon and halogen lamps, car owners are faced with a situation of choice. Of course, priority will be on the side of halogen ones, which cost much less than xenon ones. Innovation will be emphasized by the use of an expensive xenon component, and good quality by a halogen.

There are many types of halogen lamps designed for car headlights. Therefore, car owners often ask a question, which lamps to put in the headlights? The most common arecar lamps h4.

The main parameters of automotive lamps

To purchase a quality lamp, you need to consider the model, color and power characteristics of the stream. Because it is they who argue the functionality and efficiency. The brightest h4 lampsexclude the presence of white light, which is as close as possible to daylight. In addition, there are lamps with other color varieties..

Which halogen lamps are better? Yellow light bulbs are designed for fog lamps. Snow-white light effectively illuminates the road and roadsides in the dark, and also does not blind other traffic participants. On the market you can also find lamps with blue and violet light, which are used only as elements of external tuning.

The quality of the lamps depends largely on the characteristics of production. It’s silly to choose products that are too cheap, since the safety of road users depends on the length of the light beam and the level of illumination of the road. Best lamps h4 must pass halogen lamp test.

The most popular products are Japanese and European brands. It is worth noting that in these countries, traffic rules require the mandatory use of headlights in the daytime. That is why manufacturers are constantly working to increase the internal resources of the aforementioned lighting elements, which means that such headlights will last much longer.

When choosing a halogen lamp, it is important not to chase a powerful and “fashionable” light, which can be fatal for the on-board network and auto electronics. It is better to pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer and the place of installation of the lamp. Only in this case will the lamp be able to last much longer and provide driving comfort and safety.


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