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Car Lexus ES 2016

Car Lexus ES 2016 1

Lexus ES 2016

Car Lexus ES 2016 2

This modification of the executive car was shown at the popular auto show in Shanghai. The car boasts advanced technical specifications and an updated exterior. Basically, restyling touched on the internal filling of the car, although outside it was also slightly corrected by “makeup” and it now looks even more chic.

Externally, the car did not change much, mainly the changes affected the front of the car. LED optics made in the form of boomerangs. The bumper has been updated and it has a new section with fog lights. The radiator grill is made of metal and looks like an hourglass. The circular body kit has changed and a new elegant trunk rack has been added. The back of the car has hardly changed, except that the metal insert between the LED lights has become a little larger. The wheels now feature stylish 17-inch aluminum wheels. The color scheme of the bodies is represented by four variations.

Inside, the updated model can please with a large touch screen for multimedia, the steering wheel has changed, along with an electronic panel and a gear knob. Since modern decoration materials were used, it was possible to improve the sound insulation of the cabin, making the ride even more comfortable. You can choose a color scheme for the interior from several colors. Inside, it’s even more convenient and safe..

The new model of the gasoline engine is equipped with four cylinders and produces a volume of 2 liters and has direct injection. Thanks to the introduction of a large number of specialized electronic systems, the driver will be able to feel even more comfortable and confident behind the wheel. The on-board computer will constantly monitor the situation on the road, for example, it will be able to independently switch its headlights from high beam to low beam, or brake automatically when an obstacle appears. Cruise control and tracking on the road markings also facilitate movement. The new security system will track driving style, distance to neighboring cars and road signs. In the North American market, the car will be equipped with a six-cylinder engine and 3 liters of volume. Gasoline versions of 2, 5 and 3, 5 liters will be sold in Europe and Russia. The power of these units will be 184 and 249 hp. respectively, at a maximum speed of 220 kilometers per hour. Perhaps there will be an acquisition and a hybrid.


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