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Car Lifan 820

Car Lifan 820 1

Lifan 820

Car Lifan 820 2

The Chinese manufacturer is fully convinced that the new car with a serial number of eight hundred and twenty will impose competition on European sedans and be ahead of them in sales in the passenger car segment. Of course, Napoleonic tasks, but concrete and feasible. Whatever the raw, unfinished model, Lifan perfected every detail of its new product..

Dimensions are five meters long, two meters wide, and a height of one and a half meters. Outside, the Lifan 820, similar to the classic Ford Mondeo of the second millennium, also has traditional lines and features that have become the brand of the Chinese automaker. It is necessary to inform about the richness of the exterior, the presence of LED headlights, new optics, as if live body lines and incredible beauty spoiler on the trunk.

The car is offered only with front-wheel drive, independent rear suspension. Technical properties are quite diverse, because the developer offers three types of units. The most running engine, which will be installed as standard, is a gasoline engine of two and four liters, but the amount of horsepower remains covered in a veil of secrecy, to create some kind of hype. The luggage compartment is distinguished by its capacity, and will decorate any trip out of town

Turning to the interior of the cabin, it is important to know that the designers put the safety of passengers in the foreground, installed a steering wheel that will not cause chest injuries, the standard number of pillows in the cabin. Yes, and testing for frontal and side impact, the car took place in Europe, where she was rated five out of five.

As for the equipment, you can not worry. The developers equipped the car with all kinds of gadgets and separate driver assistance systems. Complete sets with rear view cameras and parking assistance are offered. Navigation devices, climate control, and more. Seat upholstery material was biological leather and synthetic pile. Pretty good, considering the Chinese ability to save on the production of the interior and material for its tightness. Maximum comfort combined with safety have led to the creation of a great car..

To be completely frank, this device is the latest word of the Chinese auto industry is very good, in all respects. Especially when you take into account the fact that this country recently rode three wheeled scooters and there was no question of creating a full-fledged car.


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