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Car Mazda CX-5

Car Mazda CX-5 1

Mazda CX-5 is the best compact

Car Mazda CX-5 2

Not so long ago, the Mazda CX-5 – the most successful of the crossovers sold on the Russian market (according to fame, it loses only to the Kia Sportage, Hyundai ix35, Toyota RAV4) – survived the rebirth. There are enough modifications, but they are insignificant and paramount with the latest security conditions and with the lightning-fast progress of multimedia.

Appearance has changed slightly, as a result, the already glamorous compact in the class has become even more attractive. The car’s engine hasn’t changed, still remaining a 2-liter gasoline engine (the vast majority of buyers prefer this kind of engine), and the 2.5-liter engine has survived the upgrade. There is also a 2.2 diesel engine. This option is almost not of interest to Russians; only 5% of buyers pay attention to its share.

What has changed in the car? The front end is an updated grille, fog lights, bumpers, adaptive headlights with LEDs in expensive trim levels. A new version of mirrors with LED repeaters of direction indicators has also appeared, in expensive trim levels unique 19-inch wheels. That’s all, there are much more modifications inside. Instead of a mechanical brake, now a parking brake that is electronically controlled. They added active cruise control, lane departure warning devices and a rear camera. Significantly improved insulation. Inside, the updated center console, in which a multimedia system is mounted, which is controlled by voice and touchscreen. All basic control functions are displayed on a round washer on the center console, which is incredibly convenient.

The dashboard was not modified, but before that it was quite suitable, information from three separate devices with large numbers is well read. The compactor was equipped with a new climate control unit. As an option, you can use navigation with an SD card, with free support for three years. Changed the shape of the front seats, the position of the seats can be fixed in memory. The rear seats have longer cushions. When decorating, expensive soft plastic is mounted everywhere. The rear seats do not have any adjustments, although they are entirely comfortable. The rear seats are distributed in three sections, and if the backrests are laid, a flat platform will form.

Mazda stands out for cross-country ability, and leaves far behind its competitors. This state of affairs is achieved thanks to all-wheel drive and ground clearance of 210 mm. Due to high-torque diesel, patency improved.


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