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Car Mazda CX-9 – SUV and crossover

Car Mazda CX-9 - SUV and crossover 1

Mazda CX-9 – SUV and crossover in one car

Car Mazda CX-9 - SUV and crossover 2

Before the presentation of this car (ninth generation) in the two thousand and thirteenth year, many tried to understand – what will this car be? In most cases, agreed that it will be a more affordable and economical analogue of the Audi Q7.

But this judgment is a little mistaken. Many are upset by the fact that the car is not a frequent guest in the Russian auto market..

The exterior of the car resembles Mazda cars of earlier series, but it still has a stunning visual effect. It is generally accepted that the car in the crossover class is one of the most spectacular representatives. It simultaneously combines power and sports dynamics and very proportional contours. The length of the car is more than five meters and a height of 1.7 meters with a width of two meters. This is a real off-road car. The interior of the car is also spacious, and even for the tallest and largest person to accommodate in it will not be any special work.

And with all this, the trim of the Mazda CX-9 is very thought out and the trip on it will become very pleasant and comfortable. Although, in principle, the Japanese did not pay special attention to the design, nevertheless, a clear and refined tone is felt in the cabin. The center console of the car has a pragmatic design, the dashboard is made in a modern and sporty style. For interior trim, only high quality materials were used (leather predominated).

The basic model of the car also includes a full range of functions responsible for an improved and comfortable ride: a touch screen with jeep navigation, an audio system and climate control. Car safety is also at the highest level: these are belts and airbags and automatic control systems.

Only one version of the car with a 3.7 liter gas engine powered by two hundred seventy-seven horsepower is available for sale..

But still, this is enough for fast and safe movements over long distances.

This car is so interesting and great. Once again, all its main advantages were listed: a spacious car interior, a modern navigation system, the highest level security system and others.

If you are lucky enough to become the owner of this car, we think that you will not regret your choice.


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