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Car Mercedes-Benz CLA200

Car Mercedes-Benz CLA200 1

Mercedes-Benz CLA200 – in search of new fans

Car Mercedes-Benz CLA200 2

As a rule, fashion cars have high prices, especially cars from Stuttgart. But the Mercedes-Benz CLA 200, definitely does not fall under this definition. And this cannot but rejoice. Now, young motorists will have the opportunity to purchase their first Mercedes-Benz. We say the first, based on the fact that then the second will follow, the third is verified. Those who had the opportunity to drive a car of this brand, very rarely express a desire to change their tastes.

There are a lot of similarities between the CLA and Class A “platform platforms”. The CLA has a very low setting, which meets the requirements of aerodynamics, the coefficient of which in the drag is equal to only 0.23 (exemplary). The exterior is interesting, all lines and components are thought out to the smallest detail, you can immediately see the “Mercedes” attitude to quality. The interior of the cabin has a lot of friends. In some ways, it resembles a Class A model, which is also not original, as it has collected a lot of solutions borrowed from various cars of the brand. What is really new is sports seats and a set of equipment devices.

For example, an air conditioner that pumps air through five deflectors. The standard display above the dashboard, for a fee it can be increased. The good thing is that in cars designed for the domestic market, it is included in the basic package, in European versions, in the database, motorists have to be content with a simple stand for a mobile phone. There are three passenger seats in the back, but the 2 + 1 formula is recommended, so the rear riders will feel freer. The driver’s workplace deserves special approval, here the developers have spared no effort and time.

The car’s suspension is extremely stiff, with low ground clearance and sports dampers. At the same time, the car moves smoothly along the highway, and it is not possible to shift it from the intended course. The steering mechanism is susceptible, equipped with electric power.

On the hood, an ICE 4 cylinder with a turbocharger (1.6 l) was proposed, and a preselective transmission unit in motion demonstrating high dynamics, but completely “not understanding” parking maneuvers and intermittent driving in city traffic jams. But, in general, the car produces a predictable positive effect, after which you are unlikely to think about a classic rear-wheel drive sedan. Although, in such models, a lot of its advantages.


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