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Car Mercedes-Benz GLC

Car Mercedes-Benz GLC 1

Affordable and stylish Mercedes-Benz GLC

Car Mercedes-Benz GLC 2

Mercedes-Benz GLC – a new generation crossover. He replaced the well-known GLK. Since the harsh features in cars are no longer in vogue, customers are offered models with rounded and delicate shapes. The salon in the GLC has become spacious compared to its predecessor. Another refinement will delight fans of Mercedes-Benz. With this crossover, you’ll have to drop by at a gas station less often, while the speed of the trip did not decrease.

A slightly sporty character appeared in the crossover. Wheel arches will not be able to give the desired level of patency. Headlights, a radiator grill began to look more expressively. They are created in the corporate style of Mercedes. Ground clearance is slightly reduced, but this can be corrected by additional air suspension.

Dramatic changes also appeared inside. Radically transformed steering wheel. It has the appearance of a three-spoke multifunctional device. It is comfortable inside, which is achieved due to the presence of special programs, systems. The car has built-in smart programs. With its help, you can adjust the clearance. The manufacturer offers several versions of the crossover. The crossover body made it easier. Weight decreased by 80 kg. This was achieved due to aluminum, high-strength steel.

The main version of the GLC will produce 170 liters. with., where fuel is consumed only 5.5 liters. But there are other versions. For example, an excellent option would be a GLC with a capacity of 204 hp. The price of the car will vary depending on the modification. The approximate cost of the basic version is 2,480,000 rubles.

If we talk about the GLC, then it goes fast and at a price quite affordable. The manufacturer offers five travel modes. If the crossover is often planned on off-road driving, then it is better to order a special Off-Road package. This will allow you to overcome the terrain without difficulty..

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