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Car Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 Coupe

Car Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 Coupe 1

Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 Coupe: status and restraint in everything

Car Mercedes-Benz GLE 400 Coupe 2

We will not torment the readers with the backstory for a long time and immediately get down to business – like, let’s look at the car of today’s test drive Mercedes-Benz GLE 400. Let’s start right away with the exterior of the car. It is expected to be big and beautiful, but how else can the trendsetters have? Tall and wide body, narrow glass with an original roof, a beautiful side line and huge wheel arches, the car is really good, it is impressive in size. There is something to boast of almost 5 meters long and 2 meters wide, with a height greater than the average person – 1.8 meters. How not to admire such a handsome man?

From the front, the car is remembered for its massive bumper with a large grille, on the side the R21 alloy wheels will taste, and the chrome tailpipes on the muffler will delight the rear. And what kind of optics does this car have – sometimes it seems that it was not created by man, but by God, it’s so beautiful and perfect, it is fascinating at first sight.

Let’s look into the interior of the handsome Mercedes. We open the door, stand on an exquisite footboard made of light but durable aluminum and plunge into the world of luxury. Inside, black leather and shiny aluminum blend perfectly. The first row seats are pleasing – they are sports, which means it is very comfortable with a high seat, which improves visibility. It will be useful to say about complete electrification and the mass of additional functions and devices in the cabin. The torpedo in the center is decorated with a display with a screen as much as 8 inches. Not every car has such a luxury and beauty of the cabin and it’s good – it is exclusive and therefore so desirable.

The system is fast and does not slow down at every step, the acoustics are of noticeable quality, not in vain it costs so much. Under the display there are many buttons to give comfort and relaxation. The machine is truly divine. Even air can be ionized in it..

Consider the car from the trunk – a high side and a roomy trunk, but if you remove the rear seats, then this is a small truck in capacity.

On the road, the car didn’t let us down, under the hood it has 3 liters of a turbocharged engine, although the car weighs more than 2 tons, but the 9-speed gearbox makes the motor work as profitable as possible, although sometimes it’s not enough power. The noise isolation of the cabin is so thought out that no sounds of the engine are inaudible, and it’s a pity – the sound is amazing. It’s easy to operate the car, it can handle almost all maneuvers and keeps on the road very confidently.


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