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Car Mercedes GLE 2014

Car Mercedes GLE 2014 1

Car Mercedes GLE in the modification of 2014

Car Mercedes GLE 2014 2

Between the automakers of Mercedes and BMW for decades, fierce competition has been waged. Therefore, as soon as one of the companies presents another novelty, the other immediately gives a decent answer. So, after the appearance of the BMW X6, the Mercedes concern developed and mass-produced the GLE –°oupe model, which is a direct and worthy competitor of the BMW news.

Features of equipping the body and interior, options

In the appearance of the Mercedes GLE, the design features of the head part are noteworthy. Neat headlights are decorated with LED strips, the grille and the front bumper are massive, trimmed with stamping. The roof of the car has a domed shape, LED brake lights stand out at the rear, a wide bumper with double tailpipes. In the basic configuration, the car is provided with 20-inch wheels made of light metal alloys. The more expensive version is sold with 22-inch drives.

Thanks to the high roof in the cabin, Mercedes GLE is quite spacious and comfortable. The doorways are wide, high, so landing in the cabin does not cause absolutely any difficulties. Interior materials are high-quality, expensive. For the driver and front passenger deep sports seats are installed, the rear sofa is comfortable, wide. It can comfortably accommodate three people.

The optional equipment of the Mercedes GLE in the basic configuration is completely self-sufficient. So, the front seats are provided with an electric drive to adjust the positions. The established position can be entered into the memory of a special system. During the operation of the car, it is possible to apply heating or ventilation to the seats. Mercedes GLE is equipped with a traffic sign control system, an automatic braking device in front of an obstacle, and a parking assistance system. For passengers of the second row, color LED screens can be installed on the backs of the front seats.

Powertrain specifications

In the top-end configuration, the Mercedes GLE is equipped with a 525-horsepower engine, in the base the car is equipped with a 33-horsepower engine. In addition, the car can be equipped with a 367-horsepower engine. For diesel engine enthusiasts, the automaker can offer a 258-horsepower diesel option. All power units are able to function with automatic transmission..


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