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Car Mercedes SLS AMG

Car Mercedes SLS AMG 1

Mercedes SLS AMG – the fastest Mercedes car

Car Mercedes SLS AMG 2

Mercedes Supercar SLS AMG is the fastest, most dynamic vehicle manufactured by the Mercedes automaker. The power unit for this car is assembled manually and at the end of the assembly, a wizard data plate is installed on the engine. The body of the sports car is almost completely made of aluminum. As a result of using this material, it was possible not only to reduce the weight of the machine, but also to increase the rigidity of the body, since aluminum allows you to create parts of greater thickness.

Features of the exterior and interior of the Mercedes SLS AMG

When developing a body design, the automaker did not invent something new, but implemented the achievements already tested by time and race tracks. As a result, the SLS AMG received a long, almost 2-meter hood, which was strongly shifted to the rear of the car. The long wheelbase and the wing extending as necessary provide the sports car with confident stability on the road. Car doors open on the principle of “gull wing.” Moreover, the “wingspan” does not exceed 45 centimeters. Therefore, when parking, there are no problems with leaving the cabin.

The sports car interior is not large, but it is quite comfortable to be in it. Comfortable seats are installed for the driver and passengers in the cabin, which securely fix the body. The dashboard is decorated in a classic style, the gearshift lever is installed behind the wheel. The driver and passenger seats are provided with frontal and side airbags. In the event of a collision, the active protection system is activated, which does not allow the body to fly out of the chair, the area of ​​contact of the seat belt with the body increases.

Characteristics of the power unit Mercedes SLS AMG

The power unit on the Mercedes SLS AMG is mounted longitudinally and low behind the drive axle. The gearbox, on the contrary, is mounted behind the rear axle. These mechanisms are connected by means of a drive shaft, which rotates in a protective tube. This arrangement made it possible to rationally redistribute the mass of units and, as a result, improve the stability and controllability of the machine.

SLS AMG is equipped with a 570-horsepower gasoline engine assembly. The engine has a capacity of 6.2 liters. and functions with a 7-speed robotic transmission. Up to a hundred sports car accelerates in 3.8 seconds at fourteen liters of fuel consumption.

AMG menu activation


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