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Car MINI Cooper D restyling

Car MINI Cooper D restyling 1

MINI Cooper D – Restyling Prospects

Car MINI Cooper D restyling 2

In light of the latest modernization, Mini cheered up and abandoned the title of “retro” car imposed on him, continuing to be a favorite among young people in Western Europe.

It seems that what other improvements can be made to the model associated with the classics? It turns out you can. The body of new generations of Mini Cooper cars, Cooper S, tried on updated bumpers, in conjunction with lighting devices, including Bi-Xenon, and a number of new accessories.

The technical base of the machine has undergone dramatic changes and optimization. The engine is fully compliant with Euro (ecology) requirements, which, by the way, are changed annually. The car interior said goodbye to the previous filling, now it is dominated by high-quality materials, silver plastic has gone into oblivion, giving way to more restrained dark tones.

In equipment, innovation also found its place. Now it may interest many buyers. For cars of heavier segments, this topic is not relevant, but for MINI Cooper, whose proprietary multisystem today has the opportunity to demonstrate its entire electronic stock (only by interacting with the iPhone, moreover, reading MINI applications), this is a qualitative leap forward. This system attracts attention with its versatility, which ensures the functioning of other necessary options: navigation, routing, digital radio, Twitter, RSS, audio, video, most importantly, pay for Internet traffic on time.

Restyling, modifying the engines, offered increased power in the new MINI Cooper, however, only 2 horsepower, in Cooper S the increase is more noticeable – 9 forces. In a word, the result did not exceed expectations.

Of great interest was another modification, Cooper D, with a diesel engine of 1.6. Previously, Toyota had the prerogative of delivering diesel units for placing them in the British MINI, now BMW engines work in cars, fully justifying themselves. For example, an aggregate of the M47 type inspired confidence and before its use in MINI, it’s worth recalling some BMW models (1), the X3, the competing Rover 75. Time passed, requirements were tightened, ICE volumes became smaller, efficiency increased, but efficiency remained unchanged.

The extended power range of the M47 generates 270 Hm at the “peak”, constantly loading the transmission, which is dominated by a manual gearbox (6).

Without looking at the discreet exterior, experts called this car an “urban sports car”, devoid of prejudice and complexes, and clearly fulfilling all the tasks assigned to it. Therefore, the popularity of this car is constantly growing, as well as the cost.


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