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Car Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Car Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 1

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Car Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2

To survive in the world of automotive competition, manufacturers need to revitalize once a year to improve models of cars. Mitsubishi is a fairly popular company that constantly amuses its own customers. Proof of this is the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. The jeep is ultimately recognized as modern, sporty and in appearance very decent.

The new Mitsubishi has become larger in size, it is six centimeters taller than its predecessor, four centimeters wider and eight and a half centimeters longer. These actions allowed us to make the cabin capacious and comfortable, especially for rear passengers.

The new Mitsubishi has an amazing design. Evenly and correctly distributed doors provide a comfortable fit into the cabin. The front parts of the body say about the personality of the car. Individual parts such as bumpers and wheel arches in the same color as the body, chrome steps.

The only drawback in appearance is the rear window that is too high, which, when maneuvering, will prevent a slight obstacle from being noticed..

The interior is delightful and moisture resistant. When creating the salon, the designers used a careful and subtle method of distribution of devices. On the front console, in addition to the display, you can see wooden inserts.

In terms of technical equipment, Mitsubishi Sport is endowed with a diesel engine with a volume of two and a half liters, a capacity of one hundred and seventy-eight horses or a gasoline V6, with a volume of three liters and a power of two hundred and twenty horses. A lot was included in the package of the SUV, this is the axle balancing system, and the choice of gearbox.

The safety is excellent, but there is a nuance with the brake pedal, too free travel, which indicates the presence of air in the braking system. Another of the design flaws can be noted, due to insufficient controllability, a too wide turning radius.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport has some unpleasant aspects, but they do not matter. Good driving performance and versatility of use will brighten the life of any person.

Full-scale filling of the Russian market will begin soon.

The cost will be slightly more than that of the original, although it’s hard to speak specifically, since the car, although of Japanese assembly, does not hit the stability of currency systems in the country of the rising sun.


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