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Car: new or used

Car: new or used 1

Car: new or old. Which is preferable and to whom

Car: new or used 2

There comes a moment, though not very often, when every motorist faces a dilemma: Buy a new middle class car or purchase a used business class? If you have already left the category of beginners and become a more or less experienced driver, then it is you who will ask this question.

Naturally, you always want to have a car of a higher class and a prestigious brand. This is if you are a resident of Russia or Eastern Europe. In Western Europe, on the contrary, they try to have “budget” cars and not stand out by car. This does not apply to movie stars, pop and rock music, top models and couturiers. In which direction the pendulum will swing when choosing a purchase, everyone determines for himself. Consider some aspects of this issue:

1. Buy a new one!

– New. fully serviceable, under warranty the first 2-3 years or 15-30 thousand kilometers.

– In the service workshop, everything will be repaired for free (or almost free, so many people think).

– Low consumption of gasoline, oil, as everything new and still not tested.

– It smells like new plastic, leather.

– Everything shines and sparkles.

– As the first owner, you have the right to choose the color, model, equipment, number of doors and interior material. All that is deprived when buying a used car.

– Legal cleanliness of the car.

– You can safely go long distances without doubting the health of the car.

– At a car wash, they charge much less than for a business class and wash faster.

– The time spent on servicing and maintaining a new machine is several times less than maintaining a used and especially business class.

And not very good:

– Lack of comfort, amenities and power.

– At the end of the warranty period, the car quickly loses in price than a business class car.

– Drive carefully, afraid to hurt anyone, because business class cars don’t notice you and drive you as they want and wherever they want.

– Be sure to do the next MOT, otherwise it is easy to lose the guarantee.

2. Buy a used car business class!

– The comfort and power of the car mesmerizes.

– Chic air conditioning and built-in audio equipment “High End” class.

– On models of earlier years, spare parts and accessories are cheaper than on completely new machine models.

– The cost of the car does not fall as fast as the new and especially the “budget” class.

– If the previous owner was honest with the sale, then all the “sores” and possible troubles with this car are known.

– The ability to make styling and tuning the car as you like. With a new car, you are afraid to do this because of the loss of free service.

– Raise your self-esteem to unprecedented heights, driving a car of a higher class than before.

From not so good:

– You will learn how to count money, since the consumption of fuel and consumable fluids and oils is much greater than in a “budget” or new car.

– Repair and maintenance costs go beyond all conceivable and unimaginable limits.

– Something the machine “faded”; does not sparkle and does not shimmer like new.

– Business car taxes are much higher.

– Chips, scratches and rust do not please, but only annoy.

– Someone has been sitting in this seat for a very long time, someone constantly turned this steering wheel.

But do not forget about insurance, because it will be completely different. Before buying, you need to understand for what purpose you are buying a car. Someone needs it as transport for trips to the country and out of town, and someone wants to go to a prestigious job and meet with partners and businessmen. Everyone has the right to choose for himself!


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