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Car – Nissan Armada SRS System

Car - Nissan Armada SRS System 1

Without keyword

Car “Nissan Armada”, with the SRS system.
An error constantly appears in the SRS system for the front impact sensor (Crash zone sensor) – “Unit failure”.
The error status is always “PAST” ie former and never CURRENT.
The error can appear unpredictably and without any system..
The sensor itself is electronic and is connected to the airbag control module by two wires in the screen. One wire is ground and the other is power and it is also a “signal”.

Car - Nissan Armada SRS System 2

photo 1 – the appearance of this sensor

How the module determines the health of the sensor?
What signal comes from him?
The “manual” does not talk about this, but only speaks of the successive replacement of system elements.
Well, if the Guide “advises” – why not do it this way?
We order a sensor, set – no result!
Checking the electrical wiring did not reveal any malfunctions – everything “rings”, short circuits to ground, to plus and to each other, two wires from the sensor are not observed.

Then we ordered a control module, set – again there is no result! Almost complete out!
Next on the list in the “manual” wiring replacement.
But she seems to be in order ?
It is very expensive, and replace it with a whole saga.
We look at the same signal from the sensor:

Car - Nissan Armada SRS System 3

photo 2 – the signal from this sensor, everything is normal, no “pickups”

In-depth diagnosis of electrical wiring revealed a loose bolt securing the negative wires under the dashboard.
Sin by this Nissan!
But. about five there is no result .
Everything i got angry!
MGTF wire was purchased – twisted pair in the screen, which replaced the sensor cable and which was laid along the shortest path (not like in the vehicle’s harness), but on the threshold under the seat.
And at the same time, two pins in the connector of the SRS block were replaced with gold-plated from used wiring.
The screen of the new cable was connected to the body on one side, as well as the grounding wire of the SRS unit directly under one of the unit mounting bolts.
Several months have passed, but the Client did not have repeated calls for the resolved malfunction.

Such sensors are used on almost all x fresh Nissan / Infinity. What was the specific reason??
Magnetic pickups?
It’s hard to say now.
The car is equipped with xenon and a speakerphone system for mobile communication.

Manual on the floor and questions will never be answered.

Paradizov Nikolay
Moscow city


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