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Car Nissan Juke

Car Nissan Juke 1

Nissan Juke – an impressive off-road conqueror

Car Nissan Juke 2

Japanese Juke from the Nissan automaker on the streets of our cities has long been an extraordinary phenomenon. The hype around the model, which caused the extravagant exterior of the car, calmed down and the car turned into a familiar one. The need for updates has turned into a matter of technology. The expected modernization was accomplished and it affected not only the appearance, but also the internal filling Nissan Beetle.

Modifications to the styling of the body were made in order to revive interest among admirers of Juke. An extraordinary design decision – the headlights were corrected in shape, and they now include LED running lights in a Nissan style. They were first used for restyling of Qashqai and Murano, the idea resonated in the hearts of consumers.

In addition to modifications to the shape of most parts, Nissan presents a chip – a novelty. Absolutely every owner of the new “Dzhuk” can bring personality to it, using additional external elements.

The automaker offers a choice of four of the most popular model colors: black, white and two colorful colors: yellow and red. The installation of contrasting trim on the bumper inserts, mirrors and alloy wheels provides the opportunity to stand out from other cars. Lining made of plastic does not affect the speed of movement and other properties. They are required absolutely for opposite purposes and will be in place precisely for the presented crossover. If the car owner wants to tune his crossover, why not satisfy the wishes of consumers on an industrial basis and put things on stream.

No matter how contradictory it sounds, such designer tricks have a positive side. The impressive appearance of the car not only catches the eye in the intense city stream, it becomes clearly visible to the rest of the participants in the movement. Consequently, accidents occur less frequently, and the moldings next to the deflectors in the cabin and the center console look stylish in body color. This favorably affects the well-being of the driver, which means that there is a place to be.

The driver and front passenger comfort is supported by a standard heating system. Height-adjustable steering wheel and convenient control knobs of the car make it easy to drive. The car is equipped with a central lock and immobilizer, the devices are extremely convenient and necessary.

Pay attention to the clearance of the crossover Nissan Juke, tk. crossover, by definition, must have increased ground clearance. Crossover clearance – 180 mm, really enough to feel confident outside the city and on country roads.


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